BNP Paribas Automates With BondLend Fixed Income Securities Lending Technology

By Bondlend, PRNE
Tuesday, January 18, 2011

NEW YORK, January 19, 2011 - BondLend, the automated technology platform for the Fixed Income
community, announced today that BNP Paribas is the first broker dealer to use
Straight-Through Processing for their Fixed Income Mark-to-Market service.
Straight-Through Processing facilitates reconciliation actions on BondLend's
comparison services to be automatically updated in BNP Paribas' proprietary

Steven B. Misischia, Managing Director of Fixed Income Trading Operations
at BNP Paribas stated, "Using BondLend's Mark-to-Market Comparison service
has increased our operational efficiency and will exponentially continue to
do so as more lenders and dealers enroll. We are self-assured that
Mark-to-Market Comparison will impart the same automated Straight-Through
Process for Fed eligible securities, as has existed in the equities and
corporate bond markets for at least 20 years."

He continued, "BondLend's Mark-to-Market Comparison has eliminated hours
of phone calls, email correspondence and money variance reconciliations,
allowing BNP Paribas to reallocate internal resources. We look forward to
working with the BondLend team to further this initiative and to continue to
be innovative in creating efficiencies and Straight-Through Processing within
the industry."

Brian. P. Lamb, CEO of BondLend commented, "We are very excited to see
the continued increased usage of our Fixed Income comparison services which
provides extensive operational efficiencies and automation to our clients.
We've received an overwhelmingly positive response from the Fixed Income
community and look forward to continuing to create innovative technology
solutions for them."

Many lenders within the Fixed Income community, including BNY Mellon and
Credit Suisse, are also benefiting from using BondLend's Mark-to-Market
comparison service daily.

About BondLend

BondLend is a securities finance technology platform created specifically
to support the fixed income lending and repo community. BondLend's Trading
and Financing Services provide automation for borrowing, lending and repo
using a common standards-based protocol and infrastructure, and provide
straight through processing eliminating manual processes, freeing up valuable
resources. The BondLend post trade suite of services includes Contract
Comparison, Mark-to-Market Comparison, and Billing Comparison. BondLend
comparison services add efficiency and reduce the risk of potential
collateral management errors. Comparison services are security type agnostic
and support global usage for cash and non-cash records. BondLend's trading
and post-trade services help drive down unit costs and increase efficiency.
It allows firms to free up resources to expand their market presence,
increase trading volumes, and reduce error rates all without additional cost.
This makes the BondLend platform a cost-efficient choice for all
institutions, regardless of size.

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