Bond International Software Acquires VCG

By Bond International Software Plc, PRNE
Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Global Leader in Staffing and Recruitment Software Acquires one of its Largest Competitors in the US

LONDON, October 21, 2010 - Bond International Software, the
global leader in staffing and recruitment software, has acquired VCG, one of the US's leading staffing and recruiting
software developers, at a cost of $9 million.

The merger significantly strengthens Bond's position as the largest
global provider of staffing and recruitment software, allowing Bond to secure
an important additional portion of the US market. Customers of both companies
will be able to take advantage of the combined portfolio of products,
expertise and available support.

Steve Russell, Chief Executive of Bond International Software, comments,
"Clearly this acquisition is an exciting moment in our company's history and
will allow us to secure ourselves a highly enviable position in the staffing
software market, from both a US perspective and internationally. The clear
synergies between the two companies and their respective offerings provide us
with the confidence that no changes to brands, products, company structure or
delivery of the products are required - clearly a huge advantage in any

Steve Taylor, President and CEO of VCG, said, "Together, Bond and VCG are
uniquely positioned to provide staffing organisations with the most
comprehensive set of solutions available in the marketplace. The resulting
product portfolios will ensure that staffing companies will be able to choose
from several available options to best meet their needs."

Bond International Software has a strong, successful history in
acquisitions, both in the US and the UK, and has diversified from a provider
of staffing software into a major player within the wider human capital
management arena.

About Bond International Software

Bond International Software (UK, AIM: BDI) is the world's leading
supplier of fully configurable staffing and recruitment software and supports
over 100,000 staffing professionals in 42 countries from offices in the US,
UIK, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia and South Africa. 10 of the top 10 largest
staffing companies in the world use Bond's products and services.

About VCG

VCG provides comprehensive staffing and recruiting solutions that power
success. Since 1976, VCG has helped hundreds of companies and thousands of
staffing and recruiting professionals achieve operational excellence by
streamlining their unique business processes and accelerating finding and
placing the people most likely to thrive.

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    Steve Taylor
    President and CEO

    Press contacts

    Will Gardiner
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    Phil McCutchen
    VCG Marketing Manager

Press contacts: Will Gardiner, Bond Press Office, +44(0)1932-578-800; Phil McCutchen, VCG Marketing Manager, +1-770-246-2319; Bond International Software: Tim Richards, Managing Director, Tel +44(0)1903-707070; VCG: Steve Taylor, President and CEO, +1-770-246-2348

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