‘Border Security Market Worth $17bn in 2011′ Says visiongain Report

By Visiongain, PRNE
Sunday, October 30, 2011

LONDON, October 31, 2011 -


Visiongain’s new report indicates that the border security market will reach a value of $17bn in 2011, as governments around the world continue to invest in a range of border security products designed to offer protection against a wide range of homeland security threats from combating terrorism, to controlling the movement of goods and personnel across international boundaries. Although the expansion of international agreements in Europe and Eurasia is reducing the number of secured international borders, continued threats from international terrorism, cross-border crime and illegal immigration maintain border security as a top priority in more developed states, and increasingly in developing states.

The report contains 78 tables, charts and figures that quantify, analyse and forecast the border security market. Visiongain provides forecasts for the period 2011-2021 in terms of value (US$) for the global border security market as well as for 7 submarkets that together form the overall market figure. In addition, the report quantifies, analyses and forecasts 7 regional border security markets from 2011-2021. The report provides profiles of 20 leading companies operating within the market, and includes interviews with Unisys Global Security Solutions - a leading IT solutions provider and systems integrator; and OptaSense - a subsidiary of QinetiQ - and provider of acoustically sensitive fibre optic solutions for perimeter security, providing expert insight alongside Visiongain analysis.

The Border Security Market 2011-2021: UAVs, UGVs & Perimeter Surveillance Systems report will be of value to current and future potential investors into the border security industry, as well as companies and research centres who wish to broaden their knowledge of the border security market. 

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Executive Summary
1.1 Border Security Market Overview
1.2 Benefits of This Report
1.3 Report Structure
1.4 Report Methodology
1.5 Global Border Security Market Forecast 2011-2021
1.6 Regional Border Security Market Forecast 2011-2021
1.7 Border Security Submarket Forecast 2011-2021

2. Introduction
2.1 Global Homeland Security Market
2.2 Global Border Security Market

3. The Global Border Security Market
3.1 Global Border Security Market 2011-2021
3.2 Regional Border Security Markets
3.3 Regional Border Security Marketplaces’ Share of Worldwide Spending
3.4 Fastest-Growing Regional Border Security Markets
3.5 Growth Opportunities in the Global Border Security Market
3.6 Border Security Submarkets Forecast
3.6.1 Perimeter Surveillance Systems & Fencing Submarket Forecast
3.6.2 Information Technology (IT) Systems Submarket Forecast
3.6.3 Vehicles, Aircraft & Vessels Submarket Forecast Manned Aircraft, Vessels & Other Vehicles Minor Submarket Forecast Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Minor Submarket Forecast Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) Minor Submarket Forecast
3.6.4 Patrol Services & Other Support Submarket Forecast

4. Regional Border Security Markets
4.1 North American Border Security Market Forecast 2011-2021
4.1.1 Canadian Border Security Market Analysis
4.1.2 Mexican Border Security Market Analysis
4.1.3 US Border Security Market Forecast 2011-2021 US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Contracts US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Programme Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) United States Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology (US-VISIT)
4.2 European Border Security Market Forecast 2011-2021
4.2.1 Frontex and the European Schengen Area
4.2.2 European Commission Border Security Programmes
4.2.3 Transportable Autonomous Patrol for Land Border Surveillance (TALOS)
4.2.4 Bulgarian Border Security Market Analysis
4.2.5 Danish Border Security Market Analysis
4.2.6 French Border Security Market Analysis
4.2.7 German Border Security Market Analysis
4.2.8 Italian Border Security Market Analysis
4.2.9 Polish Border Security Market Analysis
4.2.10 Romanian Border Security Market Analysis
4.2.11 Turkish Border Security Market Analysis
4.2.12 UK Border Security Market Analysis
4.3 Middle Eastern Border Security Market Forecast 2011-2021
4.3.1 Israeli Border Security Market Analysis
4.3.2 Jordanian Border Security Market Analysis
4.3.3 Qatari Border Security Market Analysis
4.3.4 Saudi Arabian Border Security Market Analysis
4.3.5 United Arab Emirates (UAE) Border Security Market Analysis
4.4 Asia-Pacific Border Security Market Forecast 2011-2021
4.4.1 Australian Border Security Market Analysis
4.4.2 Chinese Border Security Market Analysis
4.4.3 Indian Border Security Market Analysis
4.4.4 Japanese Border Security Market Analysis
4.4.5 South Korean Border Security Market Analysis
4.5 South American Border Security Market Forecast 2011-2021
4.5.1 Argentinean Border Security Market Analysis
4.5.2 Brazilian Border Security Market Analysis
4.5.3 Costa Rican Border Security Market Analysis
4.5.4 Panamanian Border Security Market Analysis
4.6 CIS Border Security Market Forecast 2011-2021
4.6.1 Armenian Border Security Market Analysis
4.6.2 Russian Border Security Market Analysis
4.6.3 Turkmen Border Security Market Analysis
4.7 Rest of the World (RoW) Border Security Market Forecast 2011-2021
4.7.1 Libyan Border Security Market Analysis
4.7.2 South African Border Security Market Analysis
4.7.3 Kenyan Border Security Market Analysis

5. SWOT Analysis of the Border Security Market
5.1 Strengths
5.1.1 Combating Terrorism
5.1.2 Tackling Illegal Immigration
5.1.3 Governments Valuing High-Tech Industries
5.1.4 Reducing Cross-Border Crime
5.1.5 Major International Sporting Events
5.2 Weaknesses
5.2.1 Uncertainty Surrounding Major Border Security Programmes
5.2.2 Increased Pressure on Public Sector Spending
5.2.3 Reduced Economic Migration
5.3 Opportunities
5.3.1 Deploying Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
5.3.2 Increasing Reliance on Private Guards
5.3.3 Integrating Surveillance Networks
5.3.4 Potential use of Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV)
5.3.5 Emerging Border Security Technologies
5.4 Threats
5.4.1 Misjudging Border Security Strategies
5.4.2 Fears over Data Being Misused
5.4.3 Delaying Uptake While Technology Matures

6. Expert Opinion
6.1 Unisys: Neil Fisher, Vice President Global Security Solutions
6.1.1 The Role of the Systems Integrator in Border Security
6.1.2 Growing Role for Integrated Systems
6.1.3 Integrated Systems Are Proven to be Cost Effective
6.1.4 Major Sporting Events Drive Market
6.2 OptaSense (a QinetiQ company): Magnus Mcewen-King, Managing Director
6.2.1 Optasense in Border Security
6.2.2 The Competition to Provide Acoustically Sensitive Fibre Optic Solutions
6.2.3 Border Security and Acoustically Sensitive Fibre Optics
6.2.4 The Advantages of Acoustically Sensitive Fibre Optic Solutions
6.2.5 The Financial Benefits of Acoustically Sensitive Fibre Optics
6.2.6 Need for Information Drives Border Security Market

7. Leading Border Security Companies
7.1 Boeing Defense, Space & Security (BDS)
7.2 Elbit Systems Ltd
7.3 European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company NV (EADS) Defence & Security (DS) (Cassidian)
7.4 Finmeccanica SpA
7.5 FLIR Systems Inc
7.6 G4S Secure Solutions USA Inc
7.7 General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc (GA-ASI)
7.8 General Dynamics Corporation
7.9 InfoPro Inc
7.10 International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)
7.11 Israeli Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI)
7.12 Lockheed Martin Corporation
7.13 Northrop Grumman Information Systems
7.14 QinetiQ
7.15 Raytheon Company
7.16 Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
7.17 Senstar
7.18 Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC)
7.19 Thales Group
7.20 Unisys Corporation

8. Conclusions
8.1 Global Demand in the Border Security Market
8.2 Drivers of Growth in the Global Border Security Market
8.2.1 Tackling Illegal Immigration, Organised Crime and Terrorism
8.2.2 Deploying Unmanned Systems for Border Patrols
8.2.3 Prioritising Border Security Investment
8.2.4 Major International Sporting Events
8.3 Restraints on Growth in the Global Border Security Market
8.3.1 Major Budgetary Constraints
8.3.2 Monitoring Major Border Security Programmes
8.3.3 Reduced Economic Migration
8.4 Growth Opportunities in the Global Border Security Market 2011-2021
8.5 Regional Border Security Market Forecasts 2011-2021
8.6 Border Security Submarket Forecasts 2011-2021

9. Glossary

Companies Listed in report:

21st Century Systems Inc (21CSI)
Accenture Plc
Access Systems Inc
Acuity Inc
Adesta LLC
Advanced Integrated Systems LLC
AeroVironment Inc
AgustaWestland North America Inc (AWNA)
Alcatel-Lucent SA
Alenia Aeronautica SpA
Allen Engineering Contractor, Inc
Al-Rashid Trading & Contracting Company (RTCC)
Al-Zamil Group
AMAG Technology inc
American Eurocopter Corporation
American Science and Engineering Inc (AS&E)
Apogem Technologies Inc
Apptis Inc
Array Information Technology Inc
ASELSAN Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S
Asia Global Technology Inc (AGT)
AT&T Communications Services International Inc
Atlas Elektronik
ATO Consortium
Atos Origin SA
Automation Technologies Inc
Avaya Government Solutions Inc
Axis Communications AB
BAE Systems Plc
Baltic Workboats AS (BWB)
Bart & Associates Inc
Boeing Company
Boeing Defense, Space & Security (BDS)
Bombardier Aerospace
BT Group Plc
Bull SAS
Canadian Bank Note Company Ltd
Centech Group Inc
Cessna Aircraft Company
CGI Group Inc
Chenega Technology Services Corporation LLC (CTSC)
China Information Security Technology Inc (CIST)
Cisco Systems Inc
Cobham Plc
Cobham Plc National Air Support (NAS)
Computer Associates International
Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)
Daon Inc
Defense Support Services LLC (DS2)
Detica Group Plc
DRS Defense Solutions LLC
DRS Technical Services Inc
DRS Technical Services Maritime & Security Solutions
DRS Technologies Inc
EADS Defence & Security (DS)
EADS Deutschland GmbH
EADS North America
El Seif Engineering Contracting Company
Elbit Security Systems Ltd (ELSEC)
Elbit Systems Electro-Optics Elop Ltd (ELOP)
Elbit Systems Ltd
Elbit Systems of America LLC
Electronic Consulting Services in (SSCI
ELSAG North America LLC
Eurocopter Group
European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company NV (EADS)
European Business Innovation & Research Center S.A
Finmeccanica SpA
FLIR Systems Inc
Foster & Freeman
Foster-Miller Inc
G4S Plc
G4S Secure Solutions USA Inc
GE Homeland Protection Inc
GE Security Inc
Gemalto NV
General Atomics
General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc (GA-ASI)
General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc (GA-ASI), Aircraft Systems Group
General Dynamics Corporation (GD)
General Dynamics Robotic Systems (GDRS)
General Electric Company (GE)
G-NIUS Unmanned Ground Systems Ltd
Government Acquisitions Inc

Grant Thornton LLP
Groupe Steria SCA
Harris Corporation
Harris IT Services
Hawker Beechcraft Corporation (HBC)
Hellenic Aerospace Industry SA
Hewlett-Packard Company (HP)
Honeywell Aerospace Engineering
Honeywell International Inc
HP Belgium
ICX Tactical Platforms Corporation
ICX Technologies
immix Technology Inc
InfoPro Inc
Intergraph Corporation
Intergraph Public Safety
International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)
iRobot Corporation
Israeli Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI)
ITS Corporation
ITS Services In
ITTI Sp. z.o.o
L-3 Communications Holdings Inc
L-3 Communications Vertex Aerospace LLC
L-3 Security & Detection Systems
Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems Support Company
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control
Lockheed Martin Services Inc
Lockheed Martin Transportation and Security Solutions
Magal S3
Magal Security Systems Ltd
Mantech SRS Technologies Inc
Microsoft Corporation
Morpho UK Ltd
Motorola Inc
New Technology Management Inc (NTMI)
Nextira One
NICE Systems Ltd
NIIT Technologies Ltd
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Northrop Grumman Information Systems
Northrop Grumman Information Technology
Nuclear Security Services Corporation (NSCC)
NXP Semiconductors NV
ODIN Technologies Inc
Office National d’Etudes et de Recherches
Ortek Ltd
OSI Systems Inc
Palantir Technologies Inc
Parsons Infrastructure & Technology Group Inc
Perceptics LLC
Primesphere SA
Przemystowy Instytut Automatyki i Pomiarow (PIAP)
PZL Mielec
Qatar Petroleum (QP)
QinetiQ Group Plc
QinetiQ North America Inc (QNA)
QinetiQ North America Inc (QNA), Technology Solutions Group
Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd
Randolph Construction Services Inc
Rapiscan Systems Inc
Raytheon Company
Raytheon Systems Ltd
RE/MAX Affiliates-Relocation Services (RARS)
Remotec Inc
Reveal Imaging Technologies
Robbins Gioia LLC
Rod Robertson Enterprises Inc
S&T Daewoo Company Ltd
SAAB Group
Safran Group
Sagem Défense Sécurité SA
Sagem Sécurité
Sagem Security UK Ltd
Samsung Techwin
Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), Infrastructure, Energy, Health and Product Solutions Group
Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), Infrastructure, Energy, Health and Product Solutions Group, Security and Transportation Technology
Sdu Identification BV
Selex Galileo
Selex Sistemi Integrati SpA
Sentrillion Corporation
Serco Group Plc
Siemens Building Technologies inc
Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC)
Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), Integrated Mission Systems (IMS)
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

Smiths Detection Inc
ST Net-Apptis FirstSource Joint Venture
Steria France
Steria Mummert Consulting AG
STM Savunma Teknolojileri Muhendislik ve Ticaret A.S.
System Sciences Corporation International Inc (SSCI)
Tcherno More
Telekomunikacja Polska S.A.
Telephonics Corporation
Telespazio Argentina SA
Textron Inc
Thales Group
TJ Westlake LLC
TKC Aerospace Inc (TKCA)
Touchcom Inc
Trusted Borders Consortium
TTI Norte S.L.
Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI)
Uniqkey Biometrics
Unisys Corporation
United Technologies Corporation (UTC)
Varian Medical Systems Inc
VF Imagewear Inc
ViaTech Systems Inc
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Xterra Corporation

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