Borqs Announces WAC 1.0 Compliance for Android-based Web Runtime

By Borqs, PRNE
Tuesday, February 15, 2011

BARCELONA, Spain, February 16, 2011 - Mobile software solution provider Borqs has worked closely with WAC to
achieve full 1.0 compliance for their Web Runtime running on Google's Android

Borqs, the mobile communications software specialist, has achieved
industry approval from WAC (Wholesale Applications Community) for its
software technology, which enables Android smartphones to run "Web Apps" for
WAC's new mobile application platform.

Peters Suh, CEO, WAC, comments "Last year, we set out to demonstrate true
commercial reality in time for Mobile World Congress 2011. Borqs' achievement
today, and its existing WAC deployments in China Mobile, are fantastic
testaments to this, and to its strong successful partnership with WAC".

Sporting full backward-compatibility, Borqs' Web Runtime is designed to
support both WAC 1.0 and WAC 2.0 specifications. The software vendor now has
a 100% compliant WAC 1.0 runtime as of today and is well into WAC 2.0
development, which will offer even richer features for WAC application

Its compelling runtime is downloadable and supports adding WAC Apps
directly to the Homescreen, which can be used in both "full-screen" and
"floating" modes. Borqs also offers an SDK for developing both WAC 1.0 and
WAC 2.0 Web Applications on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Borqs, using extensive Android platform and Web expertise, has also
integrated its runtime with native services such as Email and Camera, and
advanced web services like SVG, allowing OEM and Operator partners to design
unique WAC-based user experiences with seamless platform integration.

The company has pioneered Android platform customisation, application
software and operator service development since its inception in 2007. Borqs
has now launched more than 25 models of Android device with their Web Runtime
in the China Mobile network.

By the end of 2011 an estimated total 3 million devices will be running
apps on Borqs' Web Runtime.

Over the last two years, Borqs has established its Android Centre of
Excellence in India, which delivered WAC 1.0 compliance. This provides great
momentum to commercialise the emerging application platform in markets beyond
its China roots.

Pat Chan, CEO, Borqs, adds:

"We're extremely proud to have succeeded in achieving full WAC 1.0
compliance for our Android-based Web Runtime. This recognition provides a
fantastic springboard for us to enable the WAC ecosystem with partners
throughout Europe, North America and our native Asia."

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