Smarterphone Presents Mobile OS That Makes Phones From $25 and Up Smart

By Smarterphone As, PRNE
Tuesday, February 15, 2011

OSLO, Norway, February 16, 2011 - Smarterphone today announced version 3.0 of Smarterphone OS, the smart
operating system for inexpensive mobile phones. The OS was from the beginning
designed to run efficiently on limited resource hardware, yet still offering
smart solutions, attractive and intuitive user interfaces. Version 3.0 brings
this concept further, being optimized for phones in the $25 to $75 price

"Globally, there are 4 billion mobile phone users. Despite all the
attention given to high end smartphones, the majority of the 4 billion can
not afford such a device," says Egil Kvaleberg, CEO of Smarterphone. "With
Smarterphone OS, inexpensive phones can be smart, too. Their users are just
as keen to have easy and natural access to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as
users of high end phones."

To demonstrate the flexibility and agility of their solution,
Smarterphone will, during the Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona, show
'Radial,' which is a fresh approach at reshaping the dynamics of the mobile
phone human interaction. Audun Foyen, director of products at Smarterphone,
says: "Radial is an option we offer customers who may want to differentiate
in a certain direction. We remain equally committed to more conventional
touch and keypad solutions."

Smarterphone felt the Mobile World Congress was the only natural choice
for the premiere of Radial. "We are dedicated to MWC and see great value in
attending the event every year," says Michael Orr, SVP Business Development
and Sales at Smarterphone AS.

About Smarterphone

Smarterphone provides a complete and licensable software solution for
mass market smart phones, Smarterphone OS, pre-integrating all software
components and applications, enables manufacturers to rapidly create low-cost
handsets with features and functionality similar to that found in expensive
high-end smartphones. The solution is turnkey, whereby Smarterphone takes the
software through all phases all the way up to carrier acceptance. For more
information, visit


For a quick introduction to Radial, with screenshots.see

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Egil Kvaleberg, CEO, Smarterphone, office, +47-22-44-31-75, or +47-920-22780, or fax, +47-22-44-46-77, or egil at, or Michael J. Orr, SVP Business Development, +1-619-890-1915, morr at

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