Brits Lose out on GBP2.2 Billion by not Checking their Current Account Rates

Sunday, July 3, 2011

CHESTER, England, July 4, 2011 -

  • 62 Per Cent of Current Account Holders have Never or
    t Remember the Last Time they Checked Interest
    Rates on their Account
  • Only one in two Cardholders (48%) Check the Interest Rates
    on their Credit Cards
  • Check Rates and Save up to GBP926 Annually Says href="">

Apathetic Brits are missing out on hundreds of pounds a year by
failing to check the interest rates on their financial products,
including href="">credit
cards, current accounts, savings accounts and personal loans,
research by the UK’s number one comparison site has revealed.

The research found that one in four (27 per cent) have never
checked their current account interest rate, 24 per cent have never
checked the rate on their credit card and 13 per cent have never
looked at the rate on their savings account. In addition, one in
three (34 per cent) said they couldn’t remember the last time they
checked the rate on their current account, over a quarter (29 per
cent) were unable to name the last time they checked their savings
rate, and 28 per cent couldn’t remember checking their credit card
rate. As a result, many UK consumers who are failing to make the
most of their money at a time when every penny counts.

Only ten per cent of credit card customers check their rate at
least once a month, and just 15 per cent check their current
account and savings rates monthly.

The effects of failing to check the rates on your financial
products can be significant. looked at the
amount that could be earned or saved just by checking the rate and
switching to a market leading deal*. Taking a savings balance of
GBP10,000, if this was left to linger in a savings account paying
the current Bank of England average savings rate of 0.3 per cent,
it would earn just GBP30 in interest over a year. Switching to a
market leading easy access savings account, such as Coventry
Building Societies Poppy Online Save paying 3.10 per cent would
earn GBP310 - an additional GBP280 in interest.

A card-holder keeping an average balance of GBP2,221 on a credit
card with the UK average APR of 18.4 per cent, would end up paying
a whopping GBP286 in extra interest over a year, compared to
switching to the market leading rate of 0 per cent for 20 months on
the Barclaycard Platinum Card.

A substantial GBP285 could be saved from switching GBP7,600 from
the market average loan rate of 12.85 per cent to the leading loan
from Nationwide at 6.7 per cent. With current account rates, the
product that consumers are least likely to check, someone with a
monthly balance of GBP1,500 moving from a rate of 0.1 per cent
interest to the leading interest rate of 5 per cent offered by
Santander, could earn an additional GBP75*** in interest in the
next year alone. With nearly 30 million Brits not checking their
current account rates, they could be losing out on GBP2.2billion in
lost interest over the course of the

In total, consumers who failed to check their rates and switch
across all these products could be missing out on a huge GBP926****
in the next year.

Kevin Mountford, head of banking at href=""> 
“It’s surprising to see that apathy still reigns with
consumers, who are collectively missing out on earning additional
money from being more savvy. Anyone who thinks it is not worthwhile
switching accounts should think again. If you haven’t checked the
rates being offered on your current account, savings accounts,
credit cards and personal loans, do so now - you may be shocked at
how little interest your are receiving on deposits or how much
extra you are paying on borrowing. Taking more control over your
finances and using a comparison site to find a better deal could
earn you some extra cash at a time when we are all feeling the

The research also revealed consumers don’t check their rates as
they don’t feel the changes could make a significant difference.
One in three (33 per cent) said rate changes would be too small to
have any impact on their finances, and a further 24 per cent think
their provider will alert them of any changes. One in six assume
that the rate just won’t change at all!

Kevin Mountford continued: “Any consumer who believes the
rate they receive is here to stay is sadly mistaken - on the
majority of accounts to you find rate will change over time.
Despite a low Bank of England base rate, the difference between the
average rates and the best is more than worth the effort in
switching and could make a big difference to your finances.”

Research conducted by Opinium Research
between 21st to 23rd June 2011 across 2013 interviews

Typical high street current interest rate 0.1% over 1 year=
GBP1.50 versus

Leading current account interest rate Santander 5% over 1 year =

[1]Based on UK
adult population of 49,529,000

(60% of the total respondents surveyed unable to remember when
they last checked their current account, or have never checked
their current account = 29, 717, 400 x GBP75 = GBP2, 228, 805,

[2]Total annual savings=
credit cards GBP285.70 + savings account GBP280+ loans GBP285.08 +
current account GBP75.00 = GBP925.78’s customer

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