Buongiorno Announces First Deployment of its New Solutions for Smart Connected Devices

By Buongiorno Spa, PRNE
Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Buongiorno, Back-End Enabler of the Mobile Connected Life, Supports Acer's Alive Programme Management and Store Back-End Development

LONDON, December 1, 2010 - Buongiorno S.p.A. (FTSE Italia STAR: BNG), a leading
multinational in mobile content, discloses further its role as a key partner
of alive - the next generation store for Acer Group customers - for the
development of its back-end platform and programme management.

Buongiorno, leveraging its vast experience and know-how as leader
in the packaging and delivering of mobile entertainment, has been chosen by
Acer for the development of the back-end platform, the programme management
for the delivery of alive as well as to support in defining the business
model and the service creation.

Buongiorno's new B2B solutions' offering for the smart connected
devices' needs includes: definition of the content strategy, creation of the
service concept, support in content provider acquisition, the development of
the back-end platform, overall programme management, the roll-out and in-life

The alive service is delivered leveraging the new Buongiorno feed
management system, which is a purpose built platform to manage massive
volumes of feeds. The platform is specifically designed to manage premium
feeds (pushed directly by content providers) with support for different
business models such as free, freemium (rental, premium download) and
subscription to premium feeds; and publish them in real-time, giving content
providers the ability to communicate with Acer customers in real-time.

alive - a unique entry point for users to be able to browse,
search, access, purchase, stream or download and play any type of digital
content - will be available on Windows 7-based products in the UK and Italy
from 20 December 2010 and will then be rolled-out globally in the first
quarter of 2011.

Mo Firouzabadian, Head of Connected Devices in the New Business
Unit of Buongiorno commented: "We are very pleased to be partnering with Acer
in such a new and stunning project. Powering such a complex and innovative
back-end platform has been a stimulating challenge and we are very proud with
the final results. We believe that the market for smart connected devices is
entering a period of hyper-competition and that differentiation will come
increasingly from software and services. Acer has been quick to recognise

According to IDC, more than 1.6 billion devices worldwide were
used to access the internet in 2009, including PCs, mobile phones, and online
videogame consoles, and by 2013, the total number of devices accessing the
internet will increase to more than 2.7 billion. The coming years will
witness another seachange in the way users interact with the internet and
differentiation will become increasingly important for hardware

Contact Details: media.relations@buongiorno.com; Tel. +39-02-582131

Contact Details: media.relations at buongiorno.com; Tel. +39-02-582131

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