Bureau Veritas Chooses the "PolySpot Enterprise Search" Search Engine for its Intranet portal

By Polyspot, PRNE
Monday, November 14, 2011

PARIS, November 15, 2011 -

Bureau Veritas, one of the world’s leading compliance testing and certification companies, has again chosen PolySpot as its intranet portal search engine.

PolySpot, a major enterprise search and information access solution developer, is proud to announce that Bureau Veritas - one of the world’s leading compliance testing and certification companies with over 50,000 employees in more than 900 offices and 330 laboratories in 140 countries - has chosen the PolySpot Enterprise Search 5.0 platform for its intranet portal search engine. Bureau Veritas has already been a PolySpot customer for several years.

Having made a decision to overhaul its online search engine, Bureau Veritas first prepared a precise list of the functional and technical requirements that its new search engine would need to fulfil, within a multilingual environment, then carefully analysed the solutions available on the market. Following this assessment, PolySpot was chosen for its flexibility, scalability, cost, customisation options and compliance with the company’s complex security rules. The chosen solution was then integrated into the company’s portal in under 30 days.

“With its “information-based views” that allow users to conduct searches by information type or database, PolySpot’s solution was the ideal solution to enable our employees to find to the documents they need from among several million records. Our users have given us positive feedback about the new system,” explains Andrew Lewis, Group Knowledge Management Director at Bureau Veritas.

The nature of Bureau Veritas’ business is extremely demanding in terms of security and data access. The company needs to manage its “information assets” carefully, and this is precisely what our Enterprise Search 5.0 solution offers. It enables companies to improve information-sharing gradually over time, helping them to carry out their work effectively and efficiently,” adds Gilles André, Managing Director of PolySpot.

About PolySpot

PolySpot was founded in 2001. The company designs and sells search and information access solutions designed to improve business efficiency in an environment where data volumes are increasing at an exponential rate.

PolySpot’s solutions offer universal connectivity, covering all business needs and ensuring that companies can access the data they need, regardless of their structure, format or origin. PolySpot’s solutions are based on an innovative infrastructure offering both versatility and high performance, enabling companies to make best use of their assets and rationalising the strategic costs that today’s businesses and organisations face.

PolySpot’s solutions have millions of users worldwide, across all business sectors, with customers including Allianz, BNP Paribas, Bureau Veritas, Crédit Agricole, OSEO, Schlumberger, Veolia, Trinity Mirror and Vinci.



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