BVZL Summit 2011 - International Secondary Markets for Life Insurance

By Bundesverband Vermogensanlagen Im Zweitmarkt Fuer Lebensversicherungen bvzl E.v., PRNE
Thursday, March 3, 2011

MUNICH, March 4, 2011 - The German association for Secondary Markets for Life Insurance, BVZL,
will host its 7th International Summit "Secondary Markets for Life Insurance"
at the Sofitel Munich Bayerpost in Munich/Germany on March 29th - 30th, 2011.
This top conference event of the year will present industry leading speakers
discussing the hot topics in the industry together with excellent networking
opportunities and a very special social event on the evening of March 29th.

Come and take advantage of the largest specialist conference
concerning "Secondary Markets for Life Insurance" in Europe. Hear about and
discuss news, trends and market opportunities concerning Secondary Markets
for Life Insurance with international industry experts coming from policy
originators / providers, institutional investors, emission houses,
distributors, investment / consulting companies, banks and insurance

A series of excellent speakers - together with the conference
chairmen Ingo Wichelhaus and Christian Seidl (BVZL, Executive Board) - will
discuss the following topics:

    - Are TEPs finished or do investments in British secondary
      market policies make sense again?

    - German endowment policies - much better than their reputation!

    - Life Expectancy Best Practices - A significant step forward!

    - Transparent Life Settlement Industry for Investors: The
      Transparency Project!

    - Protecting your life settlement investments - what to expect
      from trade associations?

    - Insurance-linked assets - more than just life insurance risks!

Due to the resounding success of the event last year, there will be
another US Special Day in addition to the BVZL Summit 2011. The US Special
Day, will be held at the Sofitel Munich Bayerpost as well on Wednesday, March
(9.00 am - 2.00 pm) and is an exclusive platform to discuss the latest
and important developments on the US life settlement market.

The conference chairmen and the two moderators, Dr. Jochen Russ (ifa -
institute for finance and actuary science) and Zohar Elhanani, (Legacy
Benefits / Co-Head of the BVZL US section), will host top industry experts at
the following panel discussions:

    - LE-Provider - Can we get better, if not best, LE-Practices?

    - Investor Roundtable: Lessons learned and future strategy!

The intention of these panel discussions is to learn more about the
historical development, the current status and the future of the asset class
of US life settlements, including the bad things, which happened, the
progress that has been made since then on various aspects and the challenges
still laying ahead of the industry. The panellists and the audience will
discuss and work on specific ideas and measures in order to improve the
public perception of this asset class and of the industry and to regain the
trust and reawaken the appetite of especially German and European investors
for US life settlement investments.

As a result of this US Special Day, BVZL would like to present a specific
action plan, which was developed and approved by the participants and then
should be implemented as quickly as possible.

    For detailed information about the BVZL Summit 2011 and about the US
    Special Day please contact:

    BVZL e. V.
    Member Services
    Blanka Stricevic
    phone: +49-89-242037-08
    facsimile: +49-89-242037-09

    or visit the official BVZL website:

For detailed information about the BVZL Summit 2011 and about the US Special Day please contact: BVZL e. V., Member Services, Blanka Stricevic, phone: +49-89-242037-08, facsimile: +49-89-242037-09, email: blanka.stricevic at .

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