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Thursday, March 3, 2011

LONDON, March 4, 2011 - The British Museum in London is exhibiting important archaeological
discoveries from ancient Afghanistan. The exhibition, Afghanistan: Crossroads
of the Ancient World includes artefacts on loan from the National Museum of
Afghanistan in Kabul. The Bank of America Merrill Lynch is sponsoring this
exhibition of rare items of Afghanistan in London while the National Museum
of Afghanistan is undergoing major renovations.

Afghanistan: Crossroads of the Ancient World includes objects of the
British Museum plus over 200 artefacts from the National Museum of
Afghanistan. Artefacts include enamelled Roman glass, polychrome ivory
furniture inlays from India, classical sculptures, jewellery, and polished
Egyptian tableware. These items indicate the trade and culture interaction of
Afghanistan with its neighbours in Central Asia, Iran, India, and China, plus
along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. This exhibit opened 3 March 2011
and will be open daily until 3 July 2011.

The oldest gold objects of these exhibits are from the site of
TepeFullol, dating around 2000 BC. These objects were from trade with ancient
Iran and Iraq. Three archaeological sites in Northern Afghanistan, Ai Khanum,
Tajikistan, and Begram, have revealed gold and other precious metals dating
between 3rd century BC and 1st century AD. One exhibit showcases a gold crown
found in the tomb of a nomad.

Most the objects were found between 1937 and 1978. During the Soviet
invasion in 1979 and the civil war that ensued, the National Museum of
Afghanistan was damaged by rocket bombing. Many of the displays were
destroyed by members of the Taliban. A few Afghan officials concealed the
treasures of the Museum before the destruction of the building, keeping them
safe from destruction. These artefacts are a part of the travelling
exhibition, highlighting the cultural heritage of Afghans, their achievements
and trade with other civilizations.

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