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By Makiko Sadaka, PRNE
Wednesday, January 12, 2011

MUMBAI, India, January 13, 2011 - In the news release, "makiko sadaka Brings to India a Revolutionary Solution
to Restore Grey Hair to its Original, Natural Colour" issued on 12 Jan 2011
04:30 GMT, by makiko sadaka over PR Newswire, we are advised by a
representative of the company that Mark Trayling's contact number should be
+91-99207-70430. In the original issue, an erroneous country code was
transmitted by PR Newswire.

Complete, corrected release follows:

Let's face it, our battle with greying hair is often a losing battle. We
resort to dyes and other methods to cover it up. No more! Grey hair is a
thing of the past as makiko sadaka introduces a new solution for successfully
transforming grey hair to its original colour.

"makiko sadaka - SHÈR" is a liquid that is easily massaged into the scalp
like a hair tonic and gradually restores one's original youthful hair colour.
The complete process of restoring one's hair colour takes about six weeks;
however, initial results can be noticed within the first few days itself. As
incredible as this sounds, the actual process is quite straight-forward.

In contrast to current opinion, grey hair does not lose its colouring
pigment - melanin. A lot of study has been done in this area by European
institutes, including the universities of Bradford, Manchester and Mainz
(Germany), which have determined that melanin is present both before and
after the onset of grey hair. The melanin is merely oxidised with time, which
means that it has combined with oxygen and thereby faded. This effect can be
observed when bleaching hair with hydrogen peroxide. After many years of
research, makiko sadaka's European scientists have created SHÈR, which has an
enzyme that separates oxygen from melanin and lets the original colour of
hair re-appear.

"Up until now, people have been forced to colour their hair with dyes.
But why would you want to use a dye when you can have your own natural colour
back?" asks Mark Trayling, India Director of makiko sadaka.

makiko sadaka is currently looking at entering the Indian market. "We are
looking at partnering with distributors who are interested in taking this
product on in India, to ensure there is a natural remedy for greying
available in leading salons and pharmacies."

    Press Information

    makiko sadaka Ltd.
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Mark Trayling, India Director
    Tel. +91-99207-70430
    Email: mark@makiko-sadaka.com

    Website: www.makiko-sadaka.com

Press Information: Contact: makiko sadaka Ltd., Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Mark Trayling, India Director, Tel. +91-99207-70430, Email: mark at makiko-sadaka.com

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