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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

GLASGOW, Scotland, October 20, 2011 -

Britain’s Biggest Pickled Onion Lover is announced on

Today (20 October) marks the inaugural National Pickled Onion Lovers Day, a celebration of the culinary national treasures.  And in another pickling first, Garner’s - guardian of - has revealed Britain’s Biggest Pickled Onion Lover: Karla Elms from Swindon.

The search for Britain’s Biggest Pickled Onion Lover, an X Factor for foodies, was launched by food critic Nigel Barden earlier this year.  Karla so impressed the judging panel with her tales of devotion that she was the runaway winner. While her chocolate spread and pickled onion combo didn’t feature in the UK’s most popular accompaniments - cheese topped the poll (38%) followed by the classic ploughman’s (26%) in recent research from pickling experts Garner’s - it certainly caught the judges’ attention.

The research also reveals that Karla is not alone in her passion for pickles - 60% of the UK are fans with a quarter of Brits professing love for the vinegary veg and some even confessing to eating them for breakfast.  Southampton topped the poll of cities most enamoured with the tangy treats followed by Norwich and Brighton.  

Garner’s is encouraging fans to try something a bit different on National Pickled Onion Lovers Day and have created some delicious recipes for every day of the week, free to download from From simple suppers of pizza and pasta to a mouthwatering venison roast for the perfect Sunday dinner, pickled onions are a surprisingly versatile cooking ingredient. Nigel teamed up with Karla to film a recipe masterclass which can be viewed on

Garner’s ambassador Nigel Barden, a pickled onion fan since boyhood, will be cracking open a jar to celebrate: “National Pickled Onion Lovers Day is a celebration of all things pickled onion - as if we needed an excuse to munch on these tangy delights!  Like so many fans across the UK I love these quintessentially British treats.  Try them in salads, hotpots and even on pizzas or keep it simple and straight from the jar.”

New champ Karla explains her passion: “I can’t remember them ever not being in my life, staring into the top of the jar with the fork poised like a harpoon trying desperately to stab one.  My favourite combination is a buttered crisp and pickled onion sandwich. When I was little, ready salted crisps were transformed with the addition of a pickled onion and juice poured in, the soggy ones at the bottom being the best!”

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                      % population who are
    City              pickled onion fans
    1  Southampton             80.8
    2  Norwich                 68.5
    3  Brighton                67.9
    4  Birmingham              65.3
    5  Newcastle               65.0
    6  Edinburgh               64.8
    7  Leeds                   62.7
    8  Manchester              60.2
    9  Cardiff                 57.5
    10 Glasgow                 57.4
  • Research was conducted by Opinion Matters with 1,124 UK adults in September 2011.
  • Still made to the original recipe using traditional pickling techniques, Garner’s pickled onions are renowned for their unique taste and trademark crunch.  Every onion is hand peeled and inspected to make sure it passes the Garner’s test before being pickled in the finest malt vinegar.  
  • The Garner’s range includes Original Pickled Onions, Sweet Baby Pickled Onions and Pickled Shallots as well as pickled eggs, cabbage and delicious chutneys.
  • Visit to find out more.

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