$10 Million Giveaway: More Winners Announced

By Casino Rewards, PRNE
Sunday, December 12, 2010

LAS VEGAS, December 13, 2010 - With only 4 weeks left of the biggest online casino promotion ever,
players around the world are rushing to join in and claim their share of $10
… before it's all gone!

Since October 2010, online casino giant has been
celebrating its 10 year anniversary by sharing out $10 million over 10 weeks
amongst its players. Due to enormous popularity and an exciting weekly
Progressive Draw (which aims to speed up the prize distribution), the total
amount given away after only 6 weeks has already exceeded the $8 million

Each week, Casino Rewards takes a percentage of all casino chips
purchased and places it into a massive jackpot pool, drawn weekly. Every
ticket wins something, with the top prize of $17,495 last week going to a
player from New Zealand.

"The win was great… Thanks to Casino Rewards, the truck I had my eye on
I can buy, and still have a bit left over for Christmas!" said T.T.

Anyone can join for free at, and with
only $2 million left to distribute, players are advised to hurry up!

Contact: Emma Hall,

Contact: Emma Hall, press at , +61(2)-8305-5100

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