's Essential Guide to Planning A Wedding Abroad

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Find out all you need to know about planning your own Royal Wedding in an exotic location

LONDON, April 28, 2011 - With the Royal Wedding just four days away, the UK's leading website for
flight price search and comparison, helps consumers plan the perfect
destination wedding with all the necessary trimmings, minus the royal price

"Organising a wedding and travel for large groups of people are both
slightly mammoth tasks when attempted individually, so put them together and
it can potentially be a recipe for disaster without the right knowledge and
set of planning tools," says Nadine Hallak, Travel Expert for (

"Things like theme, destination, local customs, and legal requirements
are all important to consider when planning a destination wedding," adds

Here we explore three of the six essential elements for planning the
perfect wedding day abroad:

Destination Decisions

The choice of destination can determine the theme and if you're feeling
adventurous, the world is quite literally your oyster when it comes to theme
options. Fantasy weddings come in all shapes and sizes from fairy-tale
ceremonies at Disneyland ( to Elvis weddings
in Vegas and underwater vows in Australia's Great Barrier Reef. So
contemplate your priorities around budget and climate while speaking to
friends, checking out brochures, and browsing the internet for planning an
unforgettable day. Depending on the season, your destination criteria, and
lead-time before your wedding date, you can find some great cut-price deals,
be it flights to Spain ( for a
winter wedding, or flights to Miami in the off-season.

Legal Eagle

Here comes the admin. Once the destination and theme have been selected,
the next step is researching the legalities of the country in which you'd
like to say 'I do'. Different places have different rules. For example,
France requires the bride and groom to have been living in their place of
marriage for at least 30 days prior to tying the knot while Vegas only
requires a marriage license on arrival at the registry - so all you really
need is a flight to Las Vegas ( and accommodation
should you catch the last-minute wedding bug. Depending on the age of the
individuals getting married, parental consent may be required, as might other
documentation. Information can be obtained from the embassy or consulate of
the country in question.

Ironing out the Frills

Often focusing on the bigger tasks can mean forgetting the finer details,
such as looking into the local customs for food and drink. While three course
meals are the way forward at home, buffets might be a better option in an
exotic destination. The same goes for the wedding cake, hot climates and
three tiered wedding cakes often don't mix, so it's worth checking out the
local customs for food and drink prior to departure. It's also a good idea to
check with your airline whether you should be checking your wedding clothes
in or putting them in a special hold.

For the remaining three essentials on planning the perfect destination
wedding, visit

To discover the Top 10 destinations for getting married abroad in 2011,

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