Kate's "Commoner Than we Think", Reveals Global Study

By Badoo.com, PRNE
Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Three-quarters of European Princes now Marry Commoners, Finds Study of 107 Royal Romances

LONDON, April 27, 2011 - Kate Middleton might be the first commoner in nearly four centuries to
marry a future heir to the British throne but her background, reveals a new
global study, is far commoner - more typical of a modern royal bride - than
most of us realize.

Barely one in four princes worldwide today marry fellow royals, reveals
the study of 107 royal romances since World War II, while just one in 17
European princes do so.

Indeed, nearly three-quarters of European princes now marry commoners,
rather than royals or aristocrats, reveals the study by Badoo.com
(www.badoo.com), the world's largest social networking site for
meeting new people.

British royals, in other words, are finally becoming more European in
their approach to marriage.

A surprising number of royal brides also resemble Kate in having first
met their prince at university. No less than 11 (10%) of the 107
relationships studied by Badoo began, like Kate and William's, as student
romances (nine at university, two at school). The figure for European princes
is even higher: 12%.

Nor is Kate's "humble" background uncommon. Indeed, while Kate went to an
elite school (Marlborough) and has wealthy parents, Princess Letizia in Spain
has working-class parents and Princess Tessy of Luxembourg is the daughter of
a tiler.

"There's been much fuss about Kate being a 'commoner'", says Lloyd Price,
Badoo's Director of Marketing. "But the truth is, our study shows, that she
is more typical than rare among recent European royal brides."

Badoo's researchers studied 107 serious romances involving princes
worldwide since 1945. The princes involved came from 30 countries, 33 royal
families and four continents.

Has any woman, however, yet met a prince using Badoo.com? "Not as far as
we know", says Price. "But it must only be a matter of time."

Key Facts: European Princes Since 1945

- Almost three-quarters (71%) of their romances have been with commoners.

- Just 6% have been with fellow royals.

- 63% have been with a woman of a different nationality.

- 12% have started as student romances.

- 13% have started via sport or pastimes.

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