First Advantage Report Highlights Employers Remain at Risk for Employment Applicant Discrepancies in the U.S. and Asia Pacific

By First Advantage Corporation, PRNE
Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida, April 27, 2011 - -Provides Insight on Employment Screening Trends of Thousands of Large
Multinational Employers-

First Advantage Corporation, a global risk mitigation and business
solutions provider, today announced the release of its Global Screening
Benchmark Report. The report provides employers with an overview of the
employment screening results for Q3-Q4 2009 and Q3-Q4 2010 for many of the
world's top employers and helps them evaluate their employment screening

With many economic indicators pointing to employment gains across most
industries, employers are again stepping up their hiring programs and, in
turn, their risk mitigation programs. "We're seeing growth across
manufacturing, professional and business services, healthcare, IT and other
industries globally," said Todd Mavis, chief executive officer for First
Advantage. "Our screening volumes are increasing and employers are turning to
us for innovative screening programs to help hire the right applicants and
enable them to become productive as quickly as possible."

Key findings of the report include:

    - Applicant discrepancy rates in the U.S. are up in all screening
      categories except for the national criminal database search.

    - Hit rates for county criminal searches, the most common criminal check,
      are at 6.82% for 2010, up from 5.49% in 2009.

    - Substance abuse testing results showed a positivity rate of 3.0% in
      2010, up from 2.8% in 2009.

    - Previous employment discrepancies continue to be the most common in
      Asia Pacific, making up 62% of all discrepancies for the region.

    - Asia Pacific has seen a decline in criminal record hits (down to 0.02%
      in 2010) and an increase in address discrepancies (8.9% in 2010).

The report is based on a subset of checks conducted by First Advantage
for their clients. It includes results from more than three million U.S.
background checks, 130,000 substance abuse tests and 600,000 background
checks in Asia Pacific, covering the periods Q3-Q4 2009 and Q3-Q4 2010. A
copy of the report can be found at

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