New Research Highlights Reliability of Hair Testing

By Trimega Laboratories, PRNE
Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Data Provided by Trimega Laboratories

LONDON, April 27, 2011 - Society of Hair Testing (SoHT) research, based on data provided by
Trimega Laboratories, has confirmed that dual testing on hair for alcohol
misuse provides accuracy rates of over 94%. In support of advancing hair
alcohol testing usage in child protection, Trimega's data set of
approximately 2,000 samples, the largest of its kind in the world, was used
for interpretation for both types of test.

Professor Dr Fritz Pragst and Dr Silke Suesse, two of the leading
pioneers in testing hair for substance misuse, presented their findings on
the practical applications of ethyl glucuronide (EtG) and fatty acid ethyl
esters (FAEE) for the detection of chronic alcohol abuse in forensic cases to
attendees of the 16th annual symposium of the SoHT in Chamonix, France. Their
findings showed that using the dual hair testing methodology (testing for EtG
and FAEE) runs less than a 1% risk of resulting in a false positive, and just
a 5.75% risk of a false negative.

Other conclusions from the research show that the combined use of FAEE
and EtG, already recommended by the SoHT as best practice, avoids incorrect
interpretations caused by hair cosmetics since both methods are sensitive to
different treatments. However, it was also stressed that hair testing should
not be the single determining factor in cases of substance misuse. It should
always be used as part of the overall evidential picture.

Professor Pragst said: "In the last few years, hair analysis for alcohol
markers has become an important diagnostic tool in forensic and clinical
cases. We continue to research the benefits of dual testing and are delighted
that the results of our latest study that show that together EtG and FAEE
tests provide a far more accurate long-term view of alcohol abuse than other
forms of analysis. We are very grateful to Trimega Laboratories for providing
the data for our research."

Avi Lasarow, CEO of Trimega Laboratories, said: "We are honoured that the
Society of Hair Testing chose to base its research on our data. The society
and the UK courts advise that both FAEE and EtG tests should be conducted for
hair-alcohol analysis and we are proud that Trimega was the first company
worldwide to provide both tests. We look forward to contributing further to
research in the sector."

Professor Pragst and Dr Suesse, Director of Trimega's Drogencheck GmbH
laboratory in Germany, along with seven other experts in the field, used
Trimega's data to test the limits and possible pitfalls of these markers when
testing for chronic excessive alcohol consumption.

As hair grows, it absorbs FAEEs and EtG into its structure. While FAEE
markers get into the hair mainly by diffusion from an external sebum layer,
EtG markers are formed almost exclusively in the liver and then deposited
into hair mainly from sweat. The more markers there are, the more alcohol has
been consumed.

The SoHT meets annually to discuss the latest research in hair testing
technologies in forensic, clinical and occupational sciences.

About Trimega Laboratories

Established in London in 2005, Trimega Laboratories ( has developed a range of innovative techniques
for testing substances of abuse. Its core business is laboratory-based
analysis of hair samples that provide accurate historical records of any
alcohol or drugs dependency over a one to 12 month period. In the UK its
clients include: family law specialists, social services, regulatory bodies,
and professional nursing and pilot organisations. Trimega also works with
courts directly.

Other services offered by Trimega Laboratories include: Roadside
Drugalyzer Testing for law enforcement, Hair Steroid Testing for athletes,
and most recently, Hair Benzodiazepines Testing. Trimega Laboratories won the
title of Best Use of Technology in the 2008 Barclays-sponsored Startups
Awards and has been on the shortlist for the National Business Awards three
years running. It was also one of 25 companies to represent the UK in the
2010 European Business Awards.

Trimega Laboratories' subsidiary in Germany, Trimega Drogencheck,
conducts our hair-alcohol tests and is accredited with international standard
ISO 17025. Trimega Drogencheck was accredited by DAkkS, the German issuing
authority, equivalent to UKAS in the UK. The technology for hair-alcohol
testing originated in Germany.

The UK Ministry of Justice does not require hair testing laboratories to
be accredited. However, our UK laboratory in Manchester, which carries out
drug tests, operates to ISO 17025 standards, and is being audited by UKAS to
receive accreditation. We expect the laboratory will receive UKAS final
accreditation under the 17025 standard very soon.

Our UK laboratory already has IS0 9001:2008 certification from Lloyd's
Register Group, itself accredited by UKAS, for the 'provision of clinical
collecting, testing, analysis and interpretation services for substances of

In addition, we have ISO 14001 certification from QMS International, the
environmental management system standard for internal quality management.
Trimega's Manchester laboratory is the only UK laboratory in the industry to
have this certification. Trimega is also an Investor in People.

Trimega was also responsible for the creation of a Hair Strand Scientific
Advisory Board. Its purpose is to analyse the fast growing database of
information created from the 10,000 hair alcohol tests and 7,000 hair drug
tests carried out in the UK each year, of which Trimega is responsible for
around 40 per cent. The findings of the Board are shared with the Society of
Hair Testing (SoHT) which, as a peer review organisation, will assist it in
future decisions - particularly those relating to the setting of universal
standards/guidelines. The Board consists of:

Dr Hans Sachs - a past President of the SoHT and the lead scientist in
the Harold Shipman case;

Professor Dr Fritz Pragst - an award-winning forensic toxicologist and
founding father of Hair Alcohol Testing; and

Dr Silke Suesse - a member of SoHT and Laboratory Director of Trimega

Drogencheck GmbH laboratory.

Trimega is a Charter Member of The Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

For additional information, please contact: Simon Barker, Partner, Cubitt Consulting, +44(0)20-7367-5119 / simon.barker at; Russell Lindsey, Associate, Cubitt Consulting, +44(0)20-7367-5141 / russell.lindsey at

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