Christmas Holidays: Ski vs. Beach

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

LONDON, December 15, 2010 - As we continue to plunge into the depths of winter, more and more British
citizens are flocking to holiday destinations in order to escape the trials
of everyday life. Of course, the perfect holiday can mean an entirely
different thing for one person than it does for another. People are drawn to
a variety of locations during the Christmas holidays. Some people gather at
ski resorts to take advantage of the abundance of snowfall, some venture into
exotic jungles or adventurous unknowns, and some choose to simply repose at
their local beach. The perfect Christmas holiday destination is entirely
dependent on one's own personal preferences.

However, most British travellers tend to spend their holidays at warmer
locations. This is entirely understandable when one looks at the situation
from a practical standpoint. Residents of the UK receive plenty of festively
chilly weather in their very own cities (as is evident in our recent sub-zero
weather), and most people find a change in scenery to be quite pleasurable
after weeks upon weeks of frosty temperatures. Conversely, people who live in
warm areas that do not receive snow during the winter months tend to spend
their holidays at ski resorts. This is because they wish to experience the
feel of a classic Christmas winter, which simply cannot be obtained in their
balmy home countries.

There are many different destinations that a British traveller might
choose to visit. For instance, hotels in Sydney are very popular amongst
residents of the UK during the holiday season. Because it is south of the
equator, Sydney experiences remarkably warm, summer-like winters which many
British citizens find to be fascinating. A large percentage of British
residents therefore book rooms at hotels in Sydney during their Christmas

Another popular holiday destination would be Dubai hotels
( With its incredibly pleasant Christmas
weather and long stretches of immaculate beaches, Dubai is certainly an ideal
location for anyone to spend their winter holiday. Thousands of residents of
the UK stay in Dubai hotels every Christmas season, enjoying the city's
crystal clear ocean views.

However, not all British residents choose to spend their Christmas
holidays in warm locations. Although the majority of UK citizens prefer to
experience a change of pace during their holiday, others want no more than to
take advantage of the season's wintry benefits. Ski packages
( are always in high demand during
the Christmas season. Hotels ( near snowy
mountaintops are constantly booked to the brim as thousands of people hit the
slopes. Because of the ideal weather conditions, many hotels offer discounted
ski packages during these months. Although a skiing trip certainly does not
provide any relief from the UK's harsh winter weather, there is no better
time of year than the Christmas holidays to take advantage of the weather's
abundance of snow.

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