Eurail Global Pass Expands Travel Network

By Eurail Group G.i.e., PRNE
Monday, December 13, 2010

Bulgaria to be Added as new Destination in January, 2011

UTRECHT, The Netherlands, December 14, 2010 - Eurail will become more attractive to overseas travelers when Bulgaria
opens its rails to Eurail Global Pass holders in 2011. This means that the
Global Pass, hailed as the 'European Golden Ticket' for five decades, will
offer pass holders unlimited access to the national railways of 22 European

The Eurail Group G.I.E. is dedicated to the marketing and management of
the Eurail Pass product range and the Group strives toward making the various
Eurail Pass offers excellent value for money while working on behalf of the
participating railways. "We are delighted that BDZ, the Bulgarian State
Railways has decided to join the Eurail Global Pass offer" comments Ana Dias
e Seixas, Marketing Director of the Eurail Group G.I.E. "We are confident
that this additional country will greatly benefit our Global Pass holders who
wish to explore the European continent by train."

Based on the predictions published in the Bulgaria Tourism Report for
2010, the renowned 'Country of Roses' attracts millions of overseas travelers
each year. In April, 2009, the Bulgarian government approved the National
Strategy for Sustainable Development of Tourism from 2009-2013. This
initiative aims to 'enhance the competitiveness of the tourism sector through
effective use of natural and anthropogenic resources'. The popularity of
Bulgaria and its stunning coastline has seen a steady increase following the
fall of communism and the opening of borders between neighboring countries.
Eurail Group G.I.E. wishes to respond to the allure of Eastern Europe by
expanding its Global Pass range in an attempt to encourage environmentally
responsible and affordable tourism.

Eurail Global and Eurail Select Passes remain the core products for the
Eurail Group and the sales of the Eurail Select Pass have risen compared to
the same period last year. Benelux, France, Germany, Italy, Spain &
Switzerland remain in the 'Top 5' of the most popular Select Pass

                                    Jan to Sep,     Jan to Sep,
                                          2009            2010
    France, Italy, Switzerland          14,856          18,875
    France, Italy, Spain                  7493            8124
    Benelux, France, Germany              7023            7751
    France, Germany,                      4347            5002
    Germany, Italy,                       3493            3809

"Europe is home to many of the longest and most sophisticated High Speed
Lines across the globe. "France, Spain and Germany feature in the 'Top 5'
global ranking (with Japan offering the largest network)", explains Dias e
Seixas. "We predict that these trends will continue with the introduction
of several new High Speed developments in Italy, Spain and Finland, making
travelling through Europe by train easier than ever."

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