Collateral Management Best Practices Achieved By Top 100 Hedge Fund via IntegriDATA CAARS

By Integridata Business Technology Solutions Llc, PRNE
Wednesday, March 24, 2010

NEW YORK, March 25, 2010 - A Top 100 multi-strategy hedge fund with over US$10 billion in AUMs,
recently implemented CAARS Derivatives Collateral Management System, a
web-based third-party solution targeted at addressing the challenges
associated with daily collateral and margin management for OTC derivatives.
CAARS was designed by IntegriDATA, a leading New York City-based consulting
group. The system features a real-time, automated, exception based end-to-end
workflow - from broker data capture to action execution.

"With CAARS we realized a significant uptick in operating efficiency,
process timing and risk control," said the COO of the hedge fund. Prior to
implementing CAARS, the company's collateral management process was highly
manual and people dependent, including the processing of margin calls and
returns of excess. "CAARS is a turn-key solution that is affordable, quick to
implement, and delivers immediate time and headcount savings. Most
importantly it provided us with the capability to independently compute and
compare margin requirements against the broker's records," stated their
Director of Operations.

Over the past few years, there has been a heightened interest in
collateral management due to internal risk management sensitivities and
impending external regulatory pressures. It has been widely recognized that
collateral and margin management is fraught with issues and challenges. "With
over 25 years of experience managing operations functions and a passion for
process effectiveness, I felt our company had to deliver a comprehensive
solution that would also provide an immediate ROI," comments IntegriDATA's
CEO, Mitchel J. Schulman. "We designed CAARS to breakthrough all the
obstacles associated with the process - from non-standard and ever changing
broker file formats, to lack of common financial instrument IDs. We are very
pleased to offer CAARS to the investment management community and we commit
to provide outstanding 24/7 support to our clients," further states Mr.

IntegriDATA Business &Technology Solutions, LLC is a leading full-service
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and capabilities through the use of technology. Offering a full spectrum of
business advisory, system implementation and proprietary development
services, IntegriDATA's charter is to provide investment managers with
tactical and strategic solutions to enhance their operational
infrastructures. For further information on CAARS Derivatives Collateral
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