College of Emergency Medicine Prescribes DediPower and Deeson Online To Deliver New eLearning Platform

By Dedipower Managed Hosting Ltd, PRNE
Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Exciting Interactive Training Site Brings Doctors Greater Convenience, Faster Access and Richer Content

READING, England, January 6, 2011 - The prestigious College of Emergency Medicine (CEM) is advancing medical
training for its 2,900 members with the introduction of a new web-based
eLearning platform built by digital specialists Deeson Online and hosted by
DediPower Managed Hosting.

"This is a radical departure from our traditional conference and paper
based learning programmes," explains Taj Hassan, National Clinical Lead for
eLearning at the CEM.

"Many of our college members work tight and erratic schedules. We wanted
to make studying easier for them by using modern technology to create a
collaborative learning environment; offering exciting, up-to-date,
interactive content 24/7. Between them, Deeson and DediPower have delivered
this, in time and on budget - providing reliable, fast and convenient access
to the web-based tools necessary to train our future Emergency Medicine

Supporting doctors continuing their professional development through
emergency training, those seeking to achieve Fellowship and Membership of the
College and CCT trainees, the site provides a huge source of reference
materials, photography, scientific papers, abstracts and case studies. It
also uses online quizzes and games to help doctors evolve their analytical
techniques. All of this demands a sophisticated platform and high capacity
storage with reliable and secure webhosting.

Tim Deeson, Director, Deeson Online comments, "We are used to working
with high-demand, feature-rich websites, so putting the site framework
together, using Drupal open source, was relatively straightforward. However,
the volume of high-resolution images, critical nature and need for secure
access meant that this was a big, demanding site. It needed a lot of
capacity, fast access and reliable secure infrastructure which our managed
hosting partner, DediPower - with its emphasis on technical and service
excellence - was well able to provide."

DediPower hosts the CEM website within its enterprise class data centre
where it stores the data, processes real-time requests and manages
information flow.

"Reliability is vital," adds Chris Miller, CEO, DediPower Managed
Hosting. "Because many CEM members are studying for exams, we have to ensure
that the site is always available. For this reason, we use virtualisation
techniques across our servers to create a robust and reliable platform that
ensures constant uptime. It also allows us to provide the most cost effective
solution for this demanding application - an important factor for a
non-profit making organisation such as CEM."

DediPower Contact: Guy Tarring, DediPower Managed Hosting, Tel: +44(0)870-252-3600, E-mail: info at ; Press Contact: Claire Hutchison, CCgroup, Tel: +44(0)118-920-7650, E-mail: dedipower at

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