Commercial Vehicle Group Exhibits at International Truck Show

By Commercial Vehicle Group Inc., PRNE
Sunday, September 19, 2010

Introduces FlameTEK(TM) — New, Self-Extinguishing Interior Trim Material

NEW ALBANY, Ohio, September 20, 2010 - Commercial Vehicle Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: CVGI), a leading supplier of
fully integrated system solutions for the global commercial vehicle market,
announced today that it will be an exhibitor at the 63rd Internationale
Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA) Commercial Vehicle Show to be held in Hannover,
between September 23 and 30, 2010.

At the show, CVG will feature several displays including a concept
vehicle that addresses industry issues such as safety, fuel economy, driver
comfort and vehicle weight. In addition, CVG will present a new
self-extinguishing interior trim product to reduce potential property damage
and operator harm in the event of a vehicle fire. The Company will also
feature an array of research and development tools to aide CVG as it works
with its customers to design improvements in vehicle performance, operator
safety and comfort.

Innovative Concept Cab

The centerpiece of CVG's exhibit includes a fully outfitted heavy-truck
concept cab incorporating the latest technological features. The Concept Cab
includes features such as ventilated and heated seats to optimize driver
comfort and at the same time minimize HVAC usage. The cab also incorporates
concept electric power generators driven by air flow and vehicle motion to
power in-cab electrical components. The concept vehicle has specially
designed aerodynamic features such as louvers, covers and fairings, as well
as an overall aerodynamic shape to reduce vehicle drag and improve fuel
economy. The concept truck cab also includes a video camera system (vs.
mirrors) that enhances the field of view around the vehicle to improve safety
and reduce the drag associated with mirrors, while improving cab security and
perimeter surveillance. CVG's concept cab also features a roll-out bunk
system to maximize operator comfort and space utilization. In addition, the
cab incorporates an ergonomically designed instrument panel that is
adjustable to optimize the viewing angle of gauges and reduce reach for
controls for the driver. CVG has applied for thirteen new patents based on
innovations built into its Concept Cab.

FlameTEK(TM) Interior Trim

CVG is introducing a self extinguishing interior trim product that is
ideally suited for passenger bus, rail, aviation, marine, commercial and
military vehicle applications. In addition to being self extinguishing
(material exceeds UL94-V0), this new trim technology offers enhanced thermal
performance helping to improve HVAC operation which can lead to reductions in
fuel consumption. It also improves acoustic performance by reducing road
noise and improving the operator environment including antimicrobial and
chemical resistance while mitigating impact with various levels of padding
available up to 38mm thickness. This trim adapts to curved surfaces, fitting
a variety of vehicle configurations while providing styling flexibility.

Samples of the material as well as presentation and video demonstrating
the thermal, acoustic and self extinguishing performance will be shown. CVG's
research and development staff will be available for the duration of the
event to personally answer questions.

Research & Development Row

CVG's exhibit will also display state-of-the-art, one-of-a-kind field and
lab equipment used in the development of new products. The display will
include a spherical beam former which objectively identifies sound sources
across a broad frequency range with both digital and image outputs. Also
featured will be an acoustical driving simulator for the recording and
playback of noise sources and evaluation. It also includes bio-mechanics and
human factor tools such as pressure mapping, eye-tracking, flock-of-birds and
Ramsis human modeling devices that can be used to optimize the operator
environment, ergonomics and product design.

CVG's exhibit, located in Hall 16 / Stand B11, will also display an array
of the Company's current product line up.

About Commercial Vehicle Group, Inc.

Commercial Vehicle Group is a leading supplier of fully integrated system
solutions for the global commercial vehicle market, including the heavy-duty
truck market, the construction and agriculture markets and the specialty and
military transportation markets. The Company's products include static and
suspension seat systems, electronic wire harness assemblies, controls and
switches, structures and components, interior trim systems (including
instrument panels, door panels, headliners, cabinetry and floor systems),
mirrors and wiper systems specifically designed for applications in
commercial vehicles. The Company is headquartered in New Albany, OH with
operations throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Information about the
Company and its products is available on the internet at

John Hyre, Investor Relations, Commercial Vehicle Group, Inc., +1-614-289-5157

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