Compleat Buyers Group Launch Guarantees Savings on Corporate Purchasing

By Compleat Software, PRNE
Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Combined Service and Product Offering From Compleat Software Guarantees Savings on Annual Purchases With ROI in as Little as Four Months

LONDON, February 10, 2011 - Compleat Software Limited ( today
launches the Compleat Buyers Group
(, which coupled with the
Compleat Purchase to Pay (P2P) and Employee Expenses
( automation software,
provides a breakthrough level of Spend Control for small, medium and
corporate scale enterprises.

The launch of the Compleat Buyers Group (CBG) combined with
Compleat Purchase to Pay (
and Employee Expenses automation software substantially reduces the cost of
Employee Expenses and discretionary spend for SMEs and Corporates by
providing online catalogue-style buying control and guaranteeing lower prices
through group purchasing.

The CBG enables organisations of any size to reduce the cost
of discretionary spend by leveraging the entire CBG's collective spending
power to achieve better prices. Where it differs from other buying groups is
that it utilises P2P and expenses software to ensure nominated suppliers,
goods, services and prices are used every time by the user's employees.

Neil Robertson, CEO Compleat Software, explains, "Most buying
groups focus on the large items that are purchased, which in most cases is
where the business is both diligent and competent at getting best price. CBG
succeeds by focusing on everything else - it sweats the small stuff for you
because you don't have time to!"

The CBG has secured preferential pricing and discounts from
hundreds of leading suppliers across 1,000s of products and services. These
products and services are presented to users through pre-configured and
automatically maintained catalogues. As the buying group focuses on common
discretionary spend and not specific vertical market specialisation, it is
relevant to every type of organisation.

Whilst there are numerous buying groups, most clients have
found that whilst savings are available, they have been unable to control the
spending habits of their staff and much of the potential benefit is lost. The
combination of Compleat's sophisticated Employee Expenses and Purchase to Pay
software with the automated Buyers Group catalogues ensures that every client
maximises their savings potential.

Compleat will undertake a detailed survey of an organisation's
spend, capturing information at a line item level on all purchase invoices
for a period of one to three months. The current prices paid by the
organisation are then compared to the Buyers Group prices and extrapolated to
provide an estimate of the annual saving potential. The resulting report is a
key component of the implementation project, enabling the relevant catalogues
to be enabled during implementation and generating savings from the moment
the system goes live.

Robertson adds, "Saving money is a top priority for every
business in today's austere Britain, as well as improved productivity, better
cashflow and more timely & accurate management information. Compleat Spend
Control with the Compleat Buyers Group will deliver on all four promises and
will return on the investment in the first 12 months or we won't sell it to

"Whilst every organisation is different, our expectation is
that the savings generated through Compleat Buyers Group will deliver a real
and quantifiable cash ROI - in as little as four months! But once in place,
these savings are then enjoyed year on year on year making Compleat Spend
Control a very compelling proposition."

Active Cost Management is another service available to
members, where the Buyers Group buyer works on site with the client,
providing additional resource and expertise to enable the organisation to
maximise savings and the effectiveness of their spending. The Active Cost
Management offering is flexible, enabling clients to decide on the number of
days per week, (or per month) that the service is required.

Robertson concludes, "Compleat recommends the use of the
Compleat Buyers Group for organisations that do not currently have an
individual that is responsible for corporate spend - which is most of the SME
market - as it delivers the resource, expertise and process that can ensure
the maximum savings are achieved over a shortest period of time. The key to
it all is that by saving pennies on the large number of small purchases made
each year, the pounds invariably look after themselves."

About Compleat Software Limited

Compleat Software Limited is a provider of spend control,
Purchase to Pay automation and employee expenses solutions for the SME
marketplace. Committed to product and client satisfaction it strives to be at
the forefront of technologies in order to provide best-of-breed software

About Compleat Procurement

Compleat from Compleat Software Limited is a Microsoft
web-based Purchase to Pay automation and employee expenses solution that
tightly integrates with most mid-ware accounting solutions. Providing your
business with immediate cost-control, Compleat controls all aspects of your
company's procurement cycle. With the most advanced, customisable workflow
solution and real-time financial integration Compleat provides a winning
procurement framework at a very compelling price point.

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For further information, please contact: Max Deeley / Lauren Hayward, Itpr, T: +44(0)1932-578-800; Neil Robertson, CEO, Compleat Software Limited, T: +44(0)1483-270050

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