V3D Announces Funding for Ambitious Expansion in Mobile QoS Market

By V3d, PRNE
Wednesday, February 9, 2011

LYON, France, February 10, 2011 - VISION 360 DEGRES (V3D),pioneer editor of QoSand QOE
measurement software running incommercial smartphones, has today announced
the completion of a fund-raising round of one million Euros with investors
SIPAREX Venture and Rhone-Alpes Creation.

V3D has already made its mark in the domain of QoS (Quality of
Service) and QoE (Quality of Experience). The clear advantage for mobile
operators is the possibility of extracting real-time KPIs (Key Performance
Indicators) directly from commercial smartphones and 3G cards.

The new V3D management team comprises confirmed specialists in
the mobile software arena. Jean-Marc Truong and Philippe Vial-Grelier, former
co-founders and Co-CEOs of World leaderin Device Management, Swapcom,now
intend to expand their team in Lyon and pursue business opportunities
internationally. Operators in Europe, Africa and the Middle East have already
shown strong interest in V3D technology's subscriber-centric approach.
Embedded in the device itself, the V3D agent is able to capture the real-life
experience of smartphones in everyday use.

According to Philippe Vial-Grelier, President and CEO of V3D,"V3Doperator
customers acknowledge the competitive advantage gained from our services.This
round of investment will support our expansion to a dedicated R&D and
Commercial team. We are in a privileged position of being able to improve
real time visibility of network performance for our mobile operator customers
and trusted to pursueQoS/QoEopportunities identified together.We would like
to thank our investors for supporting our expansion."

About V3D

V3D is an independent editor of QOS and QOE software. Founded in 2006,
V3D software development skills and knowledge of operator environments
enables delivery of turnkey solutions for monitoring the operator network
usingsmartphones. Our software platform meets the high performance
requirements imposed by the Smartphone usage boom in operator networks.

About SIPAREX Group

Siparex, founded 33 years ago, is France's independent middle-market
private equity specialist.

The Group has more than EUR1 billion in assets under management, divided
between "growth capital/LBO financing" for the middle market and "regional
growth capital and innovation financing" for local-level innovative and
technology companies. Siparex also consults on fund management in emerging
markets. Siparex stresses geographic proximity to its investee companies. It
covers all of France from its offices in Paris, Lyon, Besancon, Lille,
Nantes, and Strasbourg, and it also has a presence in Madrid and Milan. The
Group employs some 90 staff members, including 55 investment professionals.

About Rhone AlpesCreation:

Rhone-Alpes Creation mobilizes equity for young and high growth potential
companies, which are based in the Rhone-Alps area. The majority of the
capital is held by private sector organisms (such as banks or industries)
with assistance from the regional authorities. The investment focus is
companies in the information technology, bio technologies and environment
sectors. Rhone-Alpes Creation is a French Private Equity company with a
portfolio of 55 companies and 17MEUR under management.

    For further details, please visit our website.

    Contact: contact@v3d.fr - www.v3d.fr- +33-481-761-370

    Contact :s.touvron@siparex.com - www.siparex.com- +33-472-832-323

    Contact : Isabelle BOU-ANTOUN - i.bouantoun@r-a-c.fr-
    www.r-a-c.fr - +33-472-523-939

For further details, please visit our website. Contact: contact at v3d.fr - www.v3d.fr- +33-481-761-370, Contact :s.touvron at siparex.com - www.siparex.com- +33-472-832-323, Contact : Isabelle BOU-ANTOUN - i.bouantoun at r-a-c.fr- www.r-a-c.fr - +33-472-523-939

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