comScore Launches Video Metrix 2.0 in the UK to Measure Evolving Online Video Landscape

By Comscore Inc., PRNE
Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Metrics Offer Detailed Market Intelligence for UK Industry

LONDON, January 14, 2011 - comScore, Inc. (Nasdaq: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world,
today announced the UK launch of Video Metrix 2.0, the next generation of
comScore's industry leading online video measurement service. The new service
offers several enhancements - including reporting of online video ad
impressions - designed to better align with the realities of today's online
video landscape. For more information on Video Metrix 2.0, please visit


"The dynamics of online video - both in terms of consumption patterns and
economics - have evolved considerably in recent years and the industry has
come to recognize its growing importance as an advertising channel," said
Mike Read, comScore senior vice president and managing director for Europe.
"Video measurement needs to be just as innovative in order to capitalize on
new monetization opportunities and help pave the way for digital media
convergence with traditional media."

Enhancements to the service include:

    - The ability to filter video viewing activity between advertising and
    - A unique reach/frequency tool to help agencies plan against online
    - Additional reporting metrics, including average daily unique viewers,
      viewing sessions, percentage of ads by videos viewed, percentage of ads
      by time spent viewing video, ads per content video, content minutes per
       ad minute
    - Ranking of video advertising networks by actual reach of ads delivered
      (as opposed to potential reach of the network)

For more detailed insights into Video Metrix 2.0 please join us for a
complimentary webinar (see details below).

Top 5 UK Video Content Properties by Viewing Sessions

In the UK, 34.7 million Internet users watched 6 billion content videos
in November 2010. During the same month nearly 964 million viewing sessions
took place, resulting in an average of 6 videos viewed per session. Google
Sites, driven primarily by video viewing at, ranked as the top
video content property with 428 million viewing sessions during the month and
30.4 million unique viewers, followed by BBC Sites (46.8 million viewing
sessions) and Vevo (41.4 million sessions).

    Top UK Online Video Content Properties
    Ranked by Viewing Sessions (000)
    November 2010
    Total UK - Home & Work Locations
    Source: comScore Video Metrix

                                 Viewing        Total Unique
                                 Sessions         Viewers     Videos
    Property                       (000)           (000)       (000)
    Total Internet : Total
     Audience                      963,971         34,720   6,032,002
    Google Sites                   427,608         30,401   2,831,218
    BBC Sites                       46,845          9,917     146,240
    VEVO                            41,430          9,774      71,174                    28,205          8,819      42,328                 13,099          3,382      33,282

    *A session is a period of time with continuous video-viewing. A
     session ends, if  a viewer is inactive for 30 minutes.

Top 5 UK Video Ad Properties by Unique Video Viewers

In November 2010, 527 million video ads were viewed by 23 million UK
Internet users, representing an average of 23 video ads per viewer.
SpotXchange Video Network ranked first reaching 7.2 million unique viewers,
followed by Google Sites (5.8 million) and Joost Video Network (5.8 million).
Among the top 5 sites, ITV delivered the highest number of video ads (62.6
million) and frequency of video ads (14 video ads per viewer).

    Top UK Online Video Ad Properties
    Ranked by Unique Video Viewers (000)
    November 2010
    Total UK - Home & Work Locations
    Source: comScore Video Metrix

                                           Total Unique
                                                 Viewers    Video Ads*
    Property                                      (000)       (000)

    Total Internet : Total Audience              23,007      527,132
    SpotXchange Video Ad Network**                7,218       28,952
    Google Sites                                  5,777       22,561
    Joost Video Network (by Adconion
     Media Group)**                               5,757       20,469
    ITV Sites                                     4,553       62,603
    Crosspoint Media**                            4,269       38,582

    * Video ads include streaming-video advertising only and do not
      include other types of video
      monetization, such as overlays, branded players, matching banner ads,
      homepage ads, etc.
    **Indicates video ad network

Live Webinar on Wednesday, 26th January 2011, 3pm GMT

This comScore webinar will showcase the latest trends in the UK video
market to help media planners and media owners navigate the changing video
landscape more effectively.

For more details and to register, please visit:

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