Conavi Participates in Mexican Housing Day Conference

By Comision Nacional De Vivienda, PRNE
Monday, February 8, 2010

'Mexican Housing Day' presented to more than 300 analysts and investors in New York after a successful gathering in London

MEXICO CITY, February 9 - During the 7th Edition of "Mexican Housing Day," more than 300 investors
and analysts are taking part in the conference which presents an overview of
Mexico's housing sector.

Featured among the presenters are Mexico's Secretary of the Treasury
Ernesto Cordero, the president of the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (Mexican
securities exchange) Luis Tellez, and the directors of Conavi, Infonavit, SHF

    During his presentation, the Secretary of the Treasury noted that:
    -- Public sector fostered investment represented 5% of GDP (the highest
       figure of the decade).
    -- Banobras expanded its credit by 26 billion pesos, a 25% increase.
    -- The National Infraestructure Fund promoted 21 billion pesos in
    -- Fovissste reached the record number of 100,000 loans granted, for a
       total amount of 47 billion pesos financed.
    -- Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal increased its credit balance 60 billion
       pesos, a 42% annual growth rate.
    -- Infonavit formalized 447,000 loans with an investment of 98 billion

To strengthen the financial soundness of the housing sector, new products
have been designed by SHF and new regulations and legislation are being

    Recent measures include:
    -- To attract investment to housing construction by private funds and
       banks, SHF is releasing three new products that provide funding and
       risk sharing capacity to investors in these markets.
    -- Regulation for niche banks is already in place.

    The regulation of securitizations has been strengthened:
    -- Skin in the game: issuers are required to hold bonds that bear first
    -- Increased information relevant to investors
    -- Changes in process
    -- Unregulated sofomes (non banking financial intermediaries) that raise
       money in the market will be regulated
    -- Covered bonds will be introduced, which will provide investors with an
       investment alternative

    Construction and housing are expected to recover their growth trend in
    2010, driven by the following elements:
    -- A stronger demand for housing based on higher levels of employment and
    -- As financial markets return to normal conditions, the banking sector
       will increase its credit to its traditional sectors: consumption,
       housing and construction.
    -- A 10% increase in housing finance from public sector entities.
    -- 16% additional resources for CONAVI subsidies.
    -- The public policy to support the creation of large, urban housing
       developments (DUIS).

    Enrique Escamilla
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