Seventh Edition of Mexican Housing Day

By Comision Nacional De Vivienda, PRNE
Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The seventh edition of 'Mexican Housing Day' will be taking place this coming February 4 and 5 in London

MEXICO CITY, February 3 - During the Seventh edition of "Mexican Housing Day," which will be held
on February 4 and 5 in London, Mexico's real estate sector will present its
strengths and investment opportunities to analysts and investors in the
international investor community.

The meeting will begin with one-on-one sessions where real estate
development companies (Ara, Geo, Sare, Consorcio Hogar, Homex and Urbi) and
public housing agencies (INFONAVIT, FOVISSSTE, SHF and Conavi), will be
presenting investment options in Mexico. Also present at this gathering will
be Alejandro Werner, Sub-secretary of the Treasury and Public Credit, as well
as Mexico's ambassador to the United Kingdom.

The outlook for 2010 is one of improvement, the results achieved in 2009
are evidence that a strong and dynamic sector is holding steady, which
continues to generate substantial economic activity and is laying the
groundwork for a resumption of sustained long-term growth, with the strength
resulting from having come through the hardest part of the crisis with a
sector that is consolidated, coordinated, and cooperative.

The demand for housing is massive. According to projections, for the next
twenty years the challenge for the sector will be to provide more than 11
million additional housing units, without taking into account those that must
be restored because of deterioration.

The supply of individual credit for purchase, home improvements and
self-made housing will not be affected, and in fact it should show a growth
of 5% in real terms for 2009.

In this context, the seventh edition of Mexican Housing Day is being
presented as a space in which investors and expert analysts can discover
firsthand the federal government's commitment to sustain public housing
policy, the credit goals of the public housing agencies (INFONAVIT, SHF,
FOVISSSTE and Conavi), private financial intermediaries (banks and
cooperative financial associations) as well as Mexico's macroeconomic
perspectives and established priorities with regard to social policy.


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