Conduit Launches Mobile Platform, Bringing Its Network of 260,000 Publishers & 230 Million End Users to the Mobile Arena

By Conduit, PRNE
Thursday, February 10, 2011

Conduit Mobile Allows Anyone to Create an App and Deploy it across Every Major Mobile Device and All Major Web Browsers

SAN MATEO, California, February 11, 2011 - Conduit(R) (, the fastest-growing network of web
app publishers with more than 260,000 members and 230 million end-users,
today announced the launch of the Conduit Mobile Platform
(, a complete solution for developing, publishing,
promoting and managing mobile apps on multiple devices. Conduit is the only
platform that allows anyone — from professional developers to individuals
without engineering expertise — to create an app and deploy it across every
major mobile device and all major web browsers, at no cost.

Conduit's mission is to help publishers to promote their own content,
build traffic and brands, and grow their businesses with customer engagement
solutions. To that end, the company already has an extremely popular
marketplace and platform for web apps, powering publishers of all sizes -from
Major League Baseball, Univision and TechCrunch to smaller publishers -
across verticals such as sports, entertainment, travel, online video, among

Alan Webber, Principal Analyst with Altimeter Analysts says that web and
mobile apps are key tools for engaging customers. "In order to build customer
loyalty, brands need consistent, constant interaction with customers that
leads to a deeper level of engagement. Apps provide a great solution for
this. This is the next best opportunity for marketers to expand their reach
and create new revenue streams. But the apps industry is handicapped by
fragmentation around building and maintaining apps. Since this fragmentation
is not likely to be solved anytime soon, marketers need to offset this by
focusing on those players who have the largest networks of both users and
publishers, and are as platform agnostic as possible."

With the introduction of Conduit Mobile, the company now extends the
reach of its massive network of publishers and users from the browser to all
the major mobile devices, including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows and
Nokia. Among the companies that have created mobile apps during the beta
program are the Liverpool Football Club, BigPoint Games, MessengerPlus!,
Exent/Free Ride Games, and Football Club Barcelona.

"The mobile app market has grown at a staggering pace and has created a
climate where publishers, brands and developers are under pressure to create
apps for many different devices," said Adam Boyden, president, Conduit. "With
Conduit Mobile they can create, deploy and manage their apps for all the
major smart phone platforms in one location. Not only are content and
technology updates simple, but our platform also includes analytics that
provide an overview of app performance across the various devices."

The Conduit Mobile Platform offers full lifecycle support:

Create: create richly functional, fully customized apps, fast without
programming skills or any specific hardware or software, and at no cost.

Publish: Conduit-powered mobile apps meet the strict specs and standards
for marketplaces like iTunes and Android.

Promote: utilize promotional tools like download pages, banners, social
media links, and a unique discovery tool that leverages Conduit's
recommendation engine.

Analyze: analytics includes easy-to-understands charts, graphs and tables
to track active users, page clicks, and conversion rates. Data can also be
tracked by geography and social activity.

Manage: the dashboard enables publishers to see and send updates
seamlessly to all users across all platforms.

The Conduit Mobile platform is free to use. Customers can also monetize
apps through an integrated targeted advertising module. For more information,
visit us at or write to us at

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About Conduit

Conduit is the fastest-growing network of web and mobile app publishers
with more than 260,000 members and 230 million end-users. The Conduit Network
empowers publishers - from global brands to independent developers - to
create, exchange and distribute apps and to collaborate through business

The Conduit Network features the award-winning Conduit Platform, Conduit
Mobile Platform and Conduit App Marketplace, providing publishers with a
comprehensive solution for developing, sharing and managing apps that engage
users constantly. Since 2005, Conduit has enabled publishers to rapidly
encapsulate content and deploy it everywhere from web browsers and Community
Toolbars to mobile devices. Publishers can distribute and exchange their apps
directly, or through the innovative Conduit App Marketplace.

With Conduit, global brands including Major League Baseball, Road Runner,
Univision, the Chelsea Football Club, Fox News, iVillage, the National Hockey
League, Travelocity, and TechCrunch are marketing themselves online - along
with hundreds of thousands of small and medium-sized organizations in more
than 120 countries around the world. Join the Conduit Network at

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