AFRA is Pleased to Welcome its 50th Member

By The Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association afra, PRNE
Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA) is Delighted to Welcome Dale Aviation as its 50th Member. Dale Aviation Ltd Specializes in Aircraft Recycling and Material Recovery as Well as Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering

CHATEAUROUX, France, February 11, 2011 - AFRA is happy to mark the significant milestone in reaching a
half-century of members, which further reinforces AFRA's position as the
leading global industry association in the development and promotion of
environmental excellence and sustainable best practice in aircraft
dismantling and materials recycling.

AFRA's Executive Director Martin Fraissignes says: 'We warmly
welcome Dale Aviation to our ranks. We are thrilled that in five short years
we have gone from 11 founder members to 50. We believe this shows that the
end-of-life sector increasingly sees AFRA as bestowing credibility on them as
businesses which take environmental excellence and sustainable business
models seriously'.

'I am sure Dale Aviation will be a valuable addition to our
association,' continued Fraissignes, 'and we look forward to involving them
in our activities as we further develop best practice in the area of
materials recycling and dealing with hazardous materials, and also continue
our work with regulators, legislators and key stakeholders, deepening best
practice in the field of aircraft recycling and materials recovery. This is a
great way to start the year for AFRA', stated the Association's Executive

Matko Dadic, Managing Director of Dale Aviation, commented:
'Becoming a member of AFRA is important to us, and we are very pleased to
have achieved this key goal. It shows our customers and our potential
customers that we have a deep commitment to the highest environmental
standards and sustainable business practices'.

'Our membership in AFRA takes us to the next level as all of
our industry is well aware of AFRA leadership in environmental development
and best practices. '

About AFRA

Established in 2006, AFRA is a not-for-profit industry
association with 50 members whose businesses focus on environmentally
responsible management of aircraft as they reach the end of their life
cycles. AFRA has developed Best Management Practices ( for dismantling

About Dale Aviation

Dale Aviation specializes in aircraft maintenance,
engineering, aircraft recycling and material recovery, it has been
operational since 2006. Its mission is to provide the best possible end of
life solutions to aircraft owners.

For more information, contact: Martin Todd, AFRA Media Relations Manager, Tel: +32-2-479-680-176, Martin.todd at

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