Confusion About ASX, but Great Expectations From Australian Share Traders for Chi-X

By Cmc Markets, PRNE
Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Active Australian Share Traders Embrace New Market Entrant

SYDNEY, March 25, 2011 - The third and final section of the CMC Markets
( Share Trader Insight Survey: A Look Into What
Drives Today's Share Traders was released today. Part 03, entitled 'Attitudes
regarding the ASX,' focuses on investors' attitudes to the ASX.

Who owns the ASX anyway?

Looking at the ASX itself, it seems that many Australians engaged in
share trading (
are not clear on who exactly owns the ASX. Only half are aware that it is a
publicly listed company. A staggering 24% believe the exchange is owned by
the Australian government, and 21% believe a 'member organisation' owns the
ASX, while 5% believe it is owned by an unlisted private enterprise.

Response to Chi-X's entry to the market

It reveals that more than two thirds of Australians who are active share
traders expect their broker to link in with Chi-X. In addition, the majority
of investors informed about Chi-X's entry into Australian markets (55%) would
be willing to change their broker if their broker does not link in with

"When Chi-X begins operations in Australia, it seems clear that traders
will expect their broker to offer dealing through both them and the ASX. This
is far from surprising, considering there isn't a trader around who doesn't
want the best volume and price available," says David Land, Head of Analysis
and Education at CMC Markets (

Recent ASX developments: for or against

We discovered that the positive feeling from traders regarding Chi-X does
not extend towards the SGX merger, with 32% of traders being opposed to the
SGX merger, while 32% remain neutral about the merger.

"It would seem pretty clear that the SGX takeover of ASX has fired up
some emotion about an Australian company getting taken overseas. The numbers
may suggest that some of the objection may be misplaced, with a large chunk
of those surveyed not realising that the ASX is, in fact, a listed company,"
said Mr Land. "It looks like we have a lot more education to do, even among
experienced investors."

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