Fuel Duty Reduction Doesn't Cut it for Majority of People in the UK

By Moneysupermarket.com, PRNE
Wednesday, March 23, 2011

86 Per Cent of People Say the 1p Per Litre Reduction Makes no Difference to Their Day to Day Finances

CHESTER, England, March 24, 2011 - Despite yesterday's announcement of a 1p per litre reduction
to fuel duty, 86 per cent of people don't believe this will make a difference
to their finances, according to new research from moneysupermarket.com

Britain's number one comparison site asked users whether 1p
off a litre of fuel will make a big difference to their personal finances.
Over 7,300 consumers responded in just over 12 hours to voice their opinion.
A shocking 86 per cent said the cut won't make any difference to them at all.

Kevin Mountford finance expert at moneysupermarket.com
(www.moneysupermarket.com/) commented: "Yesterday's fuel duty
reduction of 1p per litre is a step in the right direction but doesn't go far
enough to really make a difference to despairing motorists. Fuel prices have
escalated higher than many people would've expected and UK drivers are
desperate to see costs come down to a more affordable level.

"Motorists are all also being hit hard in the wallet by the
rising cost of car insurance. Our recent research showed car insurance prices
increased by 31 per cent from January 2010 to January this year(2) - or 44p
per day, and unfortunately there still aren't signs of increases slowing

"Although there is little you can do about the rising cost of
fuel, you can take control of some of your motoring costs. Rather than
accepting your renewal price on car insurance, shopping around for a better
deal will save you money. Consumers switching car insurance through
moneysupermarket.com save on average GBP283."

    Top tips to reduce the cost of motoring:

    - Shop around for car insurance and buy it online - Many car
      insurance providers offer discounts to customers who buy online.
    - Compare petrol/diesel prices - Although the cost of fuel is high
      everywhere there are still variances between petrol stations, even
      those that are quite close to each other.
    - Drive in the highest gear - You use less petrol when you keep
      engine revs at low levels, driving in a higher gear helps you do this.
    - Don't carry excess weight - having a roof rack or lots of
      unnecessary items in your car can weigh it down and cause you to use
      more fuel. Remove anything that you don't need from your car to make it
    - Keep your tyres inflated to the right level. Keeping your tyres
      pumped up to the correct level can help the fuel economy of your car.
      If tyres are underinflated they don't run as smoothly and cause you to
      use more fuel. Air is freely available in many petrol/service stations
      so check your tyre pressure regularly.
    - Don't drive erratically. If you are always accelerating quickly
      and braking sharply when you drive you use more fuel. Use cruise
      control if you have it or alternatively aim to drive more smoothly by
      reading the road ahead and giving your self plenty of time to adjust
      your speed.
    - Don't overuse the air con or heaters.

Notes to editors:

(1) Weekly Poll:

Thank you for voting.

1p off a litre of fuel - will it make a big difference to your
personal finances?

Yes - 9.3%, No - 85.8%, I don't know - 5%.

Total votes: 7371.

(2) The rising cost of car insurance

Over the past year car insurance quotes have increased on
average by 31%. The average moneysupermarket.com quote has gone from GBP519
to GBP680
(44p per day). Figure calculated using 21,370,762 enquiries made
between 11/01/2010 and 13/01/2011.

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