Research Shows That Local Authorities Could Save Over GBP9k Per Person if They Funded Effective Homelessness Prevention Programmes

By Depaul Uk, PRNE
Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Depaul UK Asks "can we Afford not to?" and Calls for Greater Investment in Prevention Programmes From Schools and Local Authorities in Order to Prevent a Drastic Increase in Youth Homelessness

LONDON, March 25, 2011 -

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The report, "Can We Afford Not To", will be launched at a homelessness
prevention conference in Kent on the 25th of March and will demonstrate that
local authorities could save in the region of GBP1.2 million a year, if they
invested in prevention programmes such as family mediation within schools and
the community, and parenting classes.

The research report shows that homelessness prevention schemes like
family mediation are proven to prevent homelessness, save local authority
money and improve the emotional and physical well being of young people at
risk of homelessness.

The report cites Depaul UK's family mediation service in Oldham as an
example and calculates that in 2009 the service can be credited with saving
Oldham Council just over GBP1.2 million due to the project's success in
preventing homelessness in the area. Costs will vary but with average savings
per case of over GBP9K - Depaul UK argues that every local authority could
make substantial savings, if they make small investments in these prevention
services now.

Depaul UK warns that as local authority cuts begin to take effect and
services across the country begin to shut down; at the same time that youth
unemployment rises and benefits are being cut, the demand for homelessness
services will only increase. The charity stresses that without the funding in
place to support key services, the rates of youth homelessness will rise
drastically, and we will see huge numbers of young people on the streets, a
stark reminder of the 1980's.

Una Barry MBE, Deputy Chief Executive of Depaul UK said
This research highlights that we need to spend a small amount of money now to
make real savings in the long term. At a time when money is tight, we all
have to make cuts, but if we can work across departments and schools to pool
budgets we can really make savings for the future."

Editors Notes

Depaul UK (registered charity no 802384), offers homeless and
disadvantaged young people the opportunity to fulfil their potential and move
towards an independent and positive future.

We support 3,500 young people each year and have supported over 50,000
people over the last 21 years.

Each year we provide and support over 145,000 bed nights and are open
every day and night.

We also work to prevent young people from becoming homeless by rebuilding
family relationships and we provide young people with opportunities to fulfil
their potential through education, community-based volunteering, training and

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Contact: Rachel Slade, +44(0)207-939-1280

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