ASX 50 Companies' Websites Fall Short

By Watchmouse, PRNE
Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Testing Reveals Slow Loading and Poor Uptime; Wesfarmers Limited Noted as Worst

AMSTERDAM, March 25, 2010 - WatchMouse (, a global industry leader in
self-service website and application performance monitoring, tested the 50
websites belonging to the companies listed on the ASX 50, the benchmark stock
market index of Australia's stocks listed on the Australian Stock Exchange,
for availability and performance. Only two of the ASX 50 company websites
registered 100% uptime. The websites with the lowest uptimes included
Wesfarmers Limited (36.2%), Crown Limited (61.5%) and Tabcorp Holdings
Limited (90.6%). The websites with the best uptimes included Macquarie Group
Limited (100%), News Corporation (100%), CFS Retail Property Trust (99.9%)
and Rio Tinto Limited (99.9%).

"These are the largest public companies in Australia and only four of
their websites met the industry standard of 99.9% uptime or greater, and
Wesfarmers with only 36% uptime is abysmal," states Mark Pors, CTO and
co-founder of WatchMouse. "We also noted in our research of 10 other global
market indexes that Australia ranked at the bottom of the list when it came
to website uptimes."

WatchMouse monitored the websites during the period of February 22 to
March 23, 2010
. According to industry standards, availability of greater than
or equal to 99.9% is regarded as "good" while anything below 99% is regarded
as "poor" site uptime.

The sites were checked every five minutes during the test period from one
of the 42 WatchMouse global monitoring stations, and included a retrieval of
the website home page, without graphics or frames. The home page was expected
to load within eight seconds without any errors. If that time was exceeded or
a server error occurred, WatchMouse verified the results using another of its
monitoring stations. The result was counted as either poor availability or
unavailable if a second error was established.

Click here (
to read the full report of all ASX 50 company website uptimes or visit for real-time status and statistical
data on each website's performance.

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