Corporación Digitel Reduces Time of Bill Delivery by 90 Percent with Oracle Self-Service and E-Billing

Monday, January 17, 2011

Cost reduction and reduced delivery times cited as key benefits; Customers have quick and secure access to information

Redwood Shores, CA – January 17, 2011

News Facts

Corporación Digitel CA, a telecommunications company offering mobile and public internet services in Venezuela, has selected Oracle Self-Service E-Billing version 5.1 for electronic customer invoicing.
This effort is part of an initiative to comply with the country’s new tax requirements in record time by reducing the delivery time of customer invoices by 90 percent. Additionally, this deployment results in eco-efficient management.
In recent years, Digitel has experienced steady growth and currently has 6.5 million customers. With rapid business growth and increased customer needs, the corporation faced the challenge of delivering fast and timely billing to its customer base and to achieve the optimization of human and financial resources, by removing physical invoices.
Additionally, Digitel had to comply with legal and local regulations, required by the executing agency for the national tax authorities of the Treasury in the country: the National Integrated Customs and Tax Administration (SENIAT). This regulator requires invoicing physical or digital characteristics and very specific data. The solution has the flexibility to adapt to the required tax documentation and has the legal validity required by the SENIAT.

Supporting Details

The paper invoice, plus costs associated with printing and distribution of it, involved a large investment in time and money. Additionally, Digitel considered the problems of security and privacy of customer information.
Now, with the implementation of the Oracle E-Billing solution in the telecommunications company, customers can access their bills online within 48 hours. This result represents a reduced processing time of more than 90%, while ensuring the protection of customers’ personal information.
Beyond being a tool for presentation of specific file formats on the Web, Oracle Self-Service and E-Billing offers great potential because it allows the user to access more information. The customer can structure their accounts, viewing from various angles, distribute and analyze them as desired with one simple solution.
As a result of this deployment, Corporación Digitel CA has confirmed that customers are very receptive to these upgrades to their invoices and perceive the company as making positive changes. Notably, the Web format is identical to the physical bill customers previously received, so there is complete familiarity. New features that allow the customer to go directly to the invoice number, filter information and download any tool such as Excel or PDF documents. Reading is easy and portable as it can be archived, and is eco-efficient and practical.
In addition to complying with regulations, required by SENIAT, Oracle E-Billing facilitates a self-service strategy. This innovation has resulted in the reduction of 85% of the cost per print of the bill, as well as the time reduction in the availability of information to customers. The impact on collection management has been significant.
The implementation of the solution was carried out by Celeritech, partner of Oracle, and was completed in less than a year

Supporting Quotes

"I think the best parts of this tool are yet to be seen," said Rafael Rey, vice president of Corporación Digitel CA Systems. "This implementation opens a world of infinite possibilities. Now, other than responding to the challenges we face as a business, we can take this opportunity to develop new ways of interacting with customers."
"Oracle Self-Service and E-Billing is the online billing solution most widely adopted in the market. It allows companies to take the billing function to another level, from simple transactions to meaningful relationships,” says Rubén Chacón, General Manager of Oracle Venezuela. "This translates into increased customer loyalty, while improving profitability and eco-management," he said.

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