Smartphones and Laptops as Popular as Tablet PCs, Says Santa

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

CAMBRIDGE, England, December 9, 2010 - Despite a massive media frenzy for tablets such as the iPad, the latest
research from has shown old favourites such as
smartphones ( and laptops are
still just as high on consumer Christmas wish lists in 2010.

In its latest survey, the website asked visitors, 'What is top of your
Christmas list?' Surprisingly, laptops edged ahead of tablets by just one per
cent, with smartphones just one per cent behind the latest gadget to capture
the public's imagination.

The result follows a recent Broadband Genie poll that found around 80 per
cent of UK consumers were not prepared to pay GBP400 or more for an Apple

Broadband Genie ( editor Chris Marling
commented: "This Christmas, many are continuing to fall back on gadgets they
trust and understand, such as traditional laptops and smartphones. For a lot
of consumers, it is difficult to see what practical purpose a tablet
currently provides beyond what other devices can already do extremely well.

"However, it is also clear the tablet concept is starting to catch on
with consumers. As 2011 goes on and the technology improves while pricing
comes down, we predict they will become hugely popular.

"We are already seeing mobile broadband companies starting to offer some
fantastic contract offers on the Samsung Galaxy Tab and iPad. Much as they
have done with laptops and smartphones, consumers can now spread the cost of
their tablet over the length of their tariff, making them more affordable to
those without cash up front.

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in March 2004 as the first dedicated consumer comparison site for broadband,
while Mobile Broadband Genie was the first independent mobile broadband
comparison site, launched in October 2007. The sites were combined in 2010,
with the addition of smartphone comparison. The site is one of the most
popular in its field, regularly featuring in the national press.

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