Day4 Energy’s Licensed Manufacturing Partner Gebäude-Solarsysteme GmbH (GSS) of Germany Expands Product Line

By Day4 Energy Inc., PRNE
Monday, June 27, 2011

BURNABY, British Columbia, June 28, 2011 -


  • GSS adds Day4 DNA equipped solar modules to its existing roof
    integrated PV product line; targeting the growing residential
    roof-top market in Europe.
  • First products scheduled to ship in July

Day4 Energy Inc., a leading global provider of solar
photovoltaic (PV) products and solutions, announces the successful
integration of its proprietary process equipment into the existing
production line of Gebäude-Solarsysteme GmbH (GSS), a supplier of
specialized, building integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) applications
to begin manufacturing advanced solar modules featuring Day4 DNA

GSS is producing modules that use the Day4 DNA PV cell - an
exclusive design and component of Day4 DNA technology which is
delivered to the market through licensed cell manufacturing
partners. Day4 DNA PV cells do not require soldering, and virtually
eliminate PV cell energy losses after module lamination.

Included in their new product line, GSS’s 48 cell
multi-crystalline solar PV modules featuring Day4 Energy’s patented
stay powerful™ and live-long™ Technologies. Featuring exceptional
field performance and high power density, this product line enables
GSS to expand its existing roof-integrated product offering and
take advantage of strong demand for premium performance PV modules
in small to medium size roof top applications throughout Europe. A
longtime partner of Day4 Energy and one of Germany’s oldest and
most respected PV companies, GSS is now well positioned to
effectively target the high growth market for roof-top
installations in Germany and throughout Europe.

“Today, roof-top systems are quickly becoming one of the most
important segments of the PV market in Europe. Day4 DNA products,
particularly 48 cell modules, are highly sought after by the
roof-top installation companies. These modules are easy to install
and - most importantly - easy to sell. They combine everything the
end user is looking for - excellent energy yield, high quality and
an aesthetically pleasing appearance.” notes Luigi Fusi, Managing
Director of Day4’s Global PV module and Project Distribution
business. “We have strong demand in our sales channels for this

Day4 Energy’s engineering team completed all required upgrades
to the existing module manufacturing facility at GSS in June. With
the first production test runs underway, GSS is scheduled to
commence commercial volume shipments during the first week of

“The integration of Day4 Energy’s PV cell lay-up procedure into
our existing production line was simple, low cost and our
production ramp-up has been flawless.” commented Joachim Höhne,
Managing Director, GSS. “From a manufacturing process stand point,
we are very pleased with where we are today, particularly with
producing solar modules that have extremely low cell to module
(CTM) losses - something we haven’t experienced with conventional
technology” observed Mr. Höhne. “And from a sales perspective, our
current production plan is already fully allocated to customers.
This is another benefit that you don’t normally see with standard
solar modules” concluded Hans-UweFlorstedt, Managing Director,

“The market for solar PV modules is crowded, and highly
competitive. For manufacturers to compete effectively, they must
either offer more value or lower cost” noted George Rubin,
President, Day4 Energy. “With Day4 DNA, you can do both” concluded
Mr. Rubin.

In addition to their existing sales channels, GSS is supported
by the global marketing and sales capabilities of Day4 Energy. Day4
Energy recently expanded its licensees to include href="">
Solar Modules Netherlands (SMN) as part of the company’s
strategy to expand the reach of Day4 DNA products globally.

The Day4 DNA brand encompasses three proprietary technologies
that result in superior performance over standard modules: href="">
stay-powerful Technology interconnects solar electric cells in
a unique way resulting in superior energy collection even in low
light conditions; href="">
work-smart Technology ensures solar panels collect electricity
when partially shaded by nearby trees, buildings or debris,
generating more electricity in daily operations and over the
life-time of the product; and href="">
live-long Technology enables superior performance in harsh
climates due to a watertight back-sheet with an aluminum layer that
protects against challenging weather conditions, moisture,
salt-mist and harmful gasses from greenhouses and farms that can
affect the amount of energy delivered by a solar PV panel.

For more information on Day4 Energy and to view detailed
animations on each technology, please visit href=""> or
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About Day4 Energy
Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Day4 Energy is a leading global
provider of solar photovoltaic products and solutions.  Active
in the areas of research & design, manufacturing, technology
licensing and all aspects of project management, Day4 Energy is
enabling the growth of solar energy throughout the world. Day4 is
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About GSS
Gebäude-Solarsysteme GmbH (GSS) was established in 1992 and has
broad experience with all current solar technologies. The company
has participated in many innovative projects and has won numerous
awards for architectural and engineering excellence. GSS has become
known world-wide, especially for its BIPV-Products. These products
are integrated in USA (New York), Canada and several European

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