Debenhams Announces Chandelier Sales Soaring Despite Recession

By Debenhams, PRNE
Monday, August 30, 2010

LONDON, August 31, 2010 - High street store Debenhams have revealed that home owners, eager to lift
the gloom of the recession, have created the most unlikely shopping boom of
all time - highly ornate chandeliers.

Once the preserve of the rich and well-to-do, demand for the big, ever
more elaborate, multi-bulb light fittings has been soaring ever since the
first financial tremor hit the stock markets two years ago.

Sales have increased with every successive bit of bad news, to reach an
all time high this week, says Debenhams. Customer demand for this type of
home lighting ( has led the
store to significantly expand its offer and make the full range available to
buy online at

Debenhams spokesman Ed Watson said: "While economists are searching
desperately for light at the end of the tunnel, home owners are opting for
more certainty by putting huge lights into the ceiling over their heads.

"Dark days may lie ahead for the economy, but in front rooms all over the
nation, things have never looked brighter."

Elaborate creations in gold and silver with dozens of reflective crystals
and up to 12 bulbs are now common place in even the most modest terrace
house, Debenhams revealed.

The most popular designs are miniature sized versions of some of the
greatest chandeliers found in stately homes across the country, as not
everyone may have the space to accommodate one of the larger models.

Many chandeliers are up to three feet wide, and almost as deep, with a
series of elegantly curved arms, with the assembly secured to the ceiling by
a gold heavy duty fixing chain.

Some designs break with tradition, opting instead for a Modernist
approach, using highly polish chrome and simple straight lines to mimic the
appearance of a chic boutique hotel lobby.

Other styles use stark black metal and rugged construction to create the
impression of a medieval banqueting hall.

The cost of a chandelier can be anything from GBP34 for basic model, to
almost GBP300 for the top of the range, which features more sophisticated

Said Debenhams' Ed Watson: "Chandeliers are now so popular that you're
just as likely to find one in a two-up-two-down in Bognor as you are in
Buckingham Palace.

"The smaller sizes of the chandeliers mean the style is more Louis Walsh
than Louis the XIV, but the longing for a little bit of opulence in these
tough times is clear."

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