U.S. State Department Expands E-Mentor Corps on ImagineNations Network

By Imaginenations Group Inc., PRNE
Monday, August 30, 2010

ImagineNations Network Provides Innovative Solution for Mentorship Opportunities

WASHINGTON, August 31, 2010 - ImagineNations Group is pleased to announce that its social networking
platform for young entrepreneurs, called ImagineNations Network
(www.imagine-network.org), has been selected as a vehicle to launch
the U.S. State Department's E-Mentor Corps initiative.

ImagineNations Network (INN) is a global technology platform with a focus
on emerging markets that enables young entrepreneurs to connect at the local
and global level to peers, mentors and resources to help them build
businesses and livelihoods around the world. Through INN, entrepreneurs are
matched with mentors online from around the world. E-Mentor Corps, first
announced at the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship in April and
designed to inspire a new legion of mentors to support young entrepreneurs,
will add thousands of E-Mentors from global businesses to the mentors already
registered on Imagine-Network.org.

"We are eager to tap the power of technology, empowering entrepreneurs to
grow their networks and businesses," said ImagineNations Group Managing
Director Alan H. Fleischmann. "E-Mentors are an important resource for
entrepreneurs, providing them with the necessary guidance, advice and support
globally and locally."

Entrepreneurs and E-Mentors will be recruited worldwide, and some of the
initial partner organizations include Accenture, AMIDEAST, Babson College,
Business for Diplomatic Action, Ernst & Young, Endeavor, Financial Services
Volunteer Corps, Global Business School Network, IBM, Intel, The Kauffman
Foundation-Global Entrepreneurship Week and TechWadi. Through ImagineNations
Network, young people, NGOs, mentors, supporters, financial institutions,
commercial outlets and others will interact virtually to promote
entrepreneurship and economic development, exchanging ideas, experiences and
learning, as well as providing access to financial and marketplace services.
INN was developed by ImagineNations Group in partnership with Mercy Corps and
with the support from Cisco Foundation and the Global Partnership for Youth
Investment (GPYI) of the World Bank.

The Summit on Entrepreneurship followed through on President Obama's
commitment to identify how the U.S. can deepen ties between business leaders,
foundations and social entrepreneurs in the United States and Muslim
communities around the world. It represents an opportunity to highlight and
support business and social entrepreneurship in Muslim-majority countries,
including their minority populations, and Muslim communities around the
world. The E-Mentor Corps initiative is led by State Department's Global
Entrepreneurship Program (GEP).

For more information, please visit www.imagine-network.org.

About ImagineNations(R) Group

ImagineNations(R) Group is a partnership-based global network that
provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the financial capital, technologies and
business/leadership coaching that they need to start micro- and small and
medium-sized enterprises in emerging markets. Along with the World Bank
Group, ImagineNations is the co-founder of the Global Partnership for Youth
Investment and has been working to empower a new generation of entrepreneurs
by creating innovative, large-scale investment strategies that promote
development opportunities with initiatives in South-East Asia, Africa, and
across the Middle East and North Africa. In ImagineNations Network,
ImagineNations realized its partnership-based global vision in a technology
platform, mobilizing and empowering young entrepreneurs, connecting them
virtually to supporters, mentors, capital and business development resources.

Stefanie Harrington, Cell: +1-703-963-3942, stefanie at imaginenations.org

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