Expanding the Role and Mission Sets of AEW Platforms

By Defence Iq, PRNE
Thursday, November 10, 2011

LONDON, November 11, 2011 -

Senior Air force officials from NATO nations as well as Royal Malaysian Air force are set to gather in London at the annually run Airborne Early Warning and Battle Management gathering (www.airborneearlywarning.com). The event is also likely to attract senior industry experts such as Northrup Grumman, SAAB and Elta Systems.

The forum examines how these highly capable AEW platforms have rapidly become vital enabling assets, and how air forces are tackling the challenges associated with the ever growing number of mission sets these airframes are being tasked with.

Good agenda for knowledge of current AEW ops by military (effectiveness, gaps, new systems used or required) and industry new solutions/proposal for AEW” - LCDR Marco Frumusa Onofrio, Italian Navy

Major General Stephen Schmidt, Commander of the NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control Force Command will be presenting on NATO Airborne Early Warning Assets; which will include an overview of recent NATO operations in support of ISAF and Operation Unified Protector. In addition Lieutenant Colonel Zahani B. Zainal Abidin (SO1 Programs, AEW&C Office) from the Royal Malaysian Air Force will be giving out a speech on their requirements for Airborne Early Warning Assets:

• RMAF’s AEW&C Office: Assessing and developing the requirement for AEW&C within the Malaysian Armed Forces

• Procuring a platform for Malaysia’s unique requirements: Planned Capability and CONOPs behind AEW&C assets

• How will these new platforms interact and compliment existing airborne sensors?

On day two of the event, Wing Commander Paul Moss, of the 8 Squadron from Royal Air Force will give an outline of the future of AWE&C for the United Kingdom and the contribution made to Operation Unified Protector by the RAF Sentry aircraft and lessons drawn from operating in a complex multinational environment against an asymmetric foe

Furthermore, one of the key main discussion points of the gathering will be assessing of recent operations in the Middle East and Libya, examining how operators and planners from around the world are reacting to the ever expanding roles these platforms are being required to fulfil.

Further information on the speakers, agenda and the gathering can be found at www.airborneearlywarning.com.


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