DialAFlight Makes Honeymoon Proposal to Will and Kate

By Dialaflight, PRNE
Tuesday, March 29, 2011

As Speculation Surrounding the Destination of the Royal Honeymoon Continues to Mount the Travel Experts at DialAFlight Offer a Suggestion

LONDON, March 30, 2011 - Will and Kate's still undisclosed honeymoon destination has provoked
considerable speculation. Recent odds had Kenya topping the list of potential
destinations, closely followed by Scotland, Canada and South Africa and now
it seems that the Isles of Scilly have emerged as a hot tip. Now, with the
Royal Wedding just weeks away, travel experts DialAFlight are offering their
considered opinion to the apparently still undecided Royal couple… Drum
roll please… Queensland.

Enthusiastic antipodeans have already seized on a tantalizing hint from
Prince William that Australia might be the couple's choice. On a recent visit
to Cairns the Prince caused a ripple of excitement by revealing to a crowd
that he and Kate might return for their honeymoon. William's comment may just
be a further example of his crowd pleasing charm but DialAFlight think
Queensland would indeed be a fantastic choice.

For a start, as he hinted in conversation with locals, Prince William is
a keen scuba diver for whom the lure of the Great Barrier Reef, home to some
of the finest scuba diving in the world, is sure to be strong.

Aside from its unparalleled diving opportunities Queensland is the
perfect romantic retreat for a honeymooning couple, offering pristine beaches
and beautiful turquoise seas - of the sort of that a royal yacht would suit
perfectly - as well as an array of luxury accommodation.

One thing's for certain, should Will and Kate make Queensland their
romantic destination of choice they would be sure to enjoy an enthusiastic
reception, especially after the success of Prince William's recent visit.
What's more, after the devastation caused by recent flooding in Queensland
what could be better than a high profile royal honeymoon to signal that this
stunning tourist haven is back in business?

Whether or not your intentions are romantic Queensland remains one of the
world's most appealing holiday destinations. To find out why DialAFlight
think Will and Kate should plump for Queensland visit the website where
you'll find a wide selection of holiday packages and cheap flights to
Australia. (www.dialaflight.com/flights/australia/)

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