DialAFlight Report Impressive Resurgence for Flights to Thailand

By Dialaflight, PRNE
Thursday, January 28, 2010

LONDON, January 29 - After a significant decline blamed principally on political unrest
locally as well as a more widespread downturn in the travel sector during the
global financial crisis, Thailand appears to be bouncing back impressively in

Last year was always likely to be a difficult one for tourism in Thailand
following the hugely disruptive demonstrations at Bangkok airport in December
which inevitably led to a degree of wariness among visitors and tour
operators. This coupled with the widespread decline in the long haul travel
sector meant that a significant drop off was as good as inevitable.

Unsurprisingly given the importance of the tourist industry to Thailand's
emerging economy The Kingdom quickly moved to counter this slump by offering
strong reassurances that the events of December 2008 were a one off and by
aggressively reducing prices.

Consequently Thailand has firmed up its reputation as the best value for
money tourist destination in South East Asia and the start of the high season
in December seemingly heralded the beginning of a swift recovery. In fact
figures for that period were up an impressive 40% following a 20% decline the
previous year.

DialAFlight have observed a massive upsurge in bookings with a growth of
nearly 60%. Phuket is proving especially popular and is now firmly
established as Dialalight's number one Thai destination.

A spokesperson for DialAFlight commented:

'The Thai tourist industry has done a great job of turning a bad
situation around and the country has quickly re-established itself as South
East Asia's
most popular travel destination. Thailand's reputation as a great
value for money travel destination is well established and, as ever, visitors
to the country should be able to find some real bargains.'

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