DialAFlight Describes ESTA as 'Hidden Tourist Tax' and Echoes Lewis Advice

By Dialaflight, PRNE
Tuesday, August 10, 2010

LONDON, August 11, 2010 - In the wake of America's announcement that from September 8th a $14
(GBP9) fee will be charged to all travellers applying for the compulsory ESTA
(Electronic System for Travel Authorisation), flight specialist DialAFlight
is advising its customers to beat the charge by applying online whilst the
authorisation is still free.

DialAFlight is one of the UK's leading travel companies and sends more
than 50,000 customers to the US every year, offering great prices to a wide
range of US destinations including flights to New York

ESTA was introduced in January 2009 and made mandatory in January 2010,
replacing the green I-94 card that visitors could fill in on their flight.
The decision to start charging a $14 levy for the obligatory pre-approval has
already come in for criticism from a number of sources including the EU, who
claimed that the fee would complicate travel to the US, and Martin Lewis, of
Moneysavingexpert who, like DialAFlight, has recommended that anyone who
anticipates visiting the US should apply in the next month before the charge
is rolled out.

Should your ESTA application be successful it will last for two years (or
until your passport runs out) so even those with no imminent plans to travel
to America could benefit from applying now to avoid the levy.

Peter Stephens, Managing Director of DialAFlight, said: 'This is simply a
hidden US tourist tax. The ESTA was introduced supposedly to speed up the
immigration process, which we haven't noticed, and to aid their Homeland
Security. We are advising our customers to go online this month while it is
still free and complete a new ESTA (interestingly you don't have to find the
previous one) which will be then valid for a two year period.'

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