Dog Lover Launches Social Network - for Dog Lovers

By K9 United, PRNE
Sunday, April 10, 2011

LONDON, April 11, 2011 - Serial dog lover Alex Olejnik today announced the launch of K9 united, a
brand new social network for dog lovers. The free Facebook-like network
allows dog lovers to meet and socialise as well as upload photos and videos
of their beloved k9's. The site has the usual features you'd expect from a
social network like Events, Groups, Forum, Games, Chat and more

Founder Alex commented: "When I take my dogs Jimi and Eddie for a walk
over the field, I always find myself talking with complete strangers and we
end up chatting about our dogs for ages. It's like a network of dog owners
over there. The wife and I joke about it and call it the dog club. Without
the dogs there I doubt I would even start a conversation with any of these
people but it's the dogs that bring us together and start us chatting. This
is what I want to achieve with k9united a sort of Facebook but just for dog
lovers. The members of K9 united have definitely shown their canine pride by
uploading hundreds of photos and videos of their dogs and sharing their dog
stories. They are also joining the growing number of groups that the network
has to offer."

K9 united also boasts a couple of nifty little ad-ons.

Dog Blogging:

Where dog owners can keep a record of their experiences with their dogs,
good or bad. Alex Olejnik: "The dog blog feature will be a lot of fun for
our users, whether they want to purely blog about their dogs lives, or write
from their dogs perspective, it really is down to the users imagination!"

Dog Store:

A dog superstore where dog owners can go barking mad with products
ranging from bedding, clothing and treats, to dog training and behavioural
aids. "The benefits of the dog store are clear, with thousands of products,
dog lovers on the network will find things that are unique and different
from the average pet store, members can browse the latest products for
their dogs & read reviews etc whilst still on the network chatting to
their friends!"

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