Dreampark Middleware Chosen Again to Replace Competitor's Solution

By Dreampark, PRNE
Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dreamgallery(TM) Chosen by Alcom as Replacement Middleware

NORRKOPING, Sweden, March 18, 2011 - Dreampark, one of the leading IPTV middleware providers on the European
market, today announced a new customer in Finland, Alcom, the leading IPTV
operator on Aland. Alcom is swapping out a competitor's middleware solution
and replacing it with the Dreampark Dreamgallery(TM) middleware.

Alcom, had high demands for performance and user experience that wasn't
being matched in their current middleware solution. Dreamgallery(TM) allows
Alcom to focus on delivering a fast and feature-rich service to their
customers with no disruption while securing the traffic through Alcom's own
backbone system.

"We turned to Dreampark in order to help us deliver a superior end-user
experience and the flexibility to quickly and easily add new innovative
services for subscribers is key," says Conny Rosenberg, CEO of Alcom.
"Dreampark has a wealth of experience within the IPTV field and we believe
they can exceed our expectations."

"We take pride of the fact that yet another operator has chosen Dreampark
and we are confident this partnership will successfully achieve Alcom's goal
in delivering a great user experience to their IPTV customers," says Per
Skyttvall, CEO at Dreampark. "The announcement of another change out customer
in the Scandinavian region is significant for Dreampark because it further
strengthens the growth of the company and the position as a leader in

About Dreampark

Dreampark delivers TV on Your Terms. Dreampark's Dreamgallery(TM) is the
most deployed IPTV middleware in Europe on any platform and any environment -
cable, terrestrial or IPTV. Dreampark's Dreamgallery maximizes operator
flexibility and performance by taking advantage of the powers of open
standards, such as HTML and SVG, to give operators full control of their TV
portals for customization and regionalization. For more information, please
visit www.dreampark.com.

About Alands Datakommunikation AB

Alands Datakommunikation AB (Alcom) supplies Broadband Internet access
and IPTV services to residential and business customers on the Aland Islands,
as well as supplying these services to ISPs in neighbouring regions. Being an
early adopter of new technology, Alcom was one of the first ISPs in Europe to
offer DSL Internet access (1999), High speed ADSL2 (2003) and IPTV services
(2004). For more information, please visit www.alcom.ax

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