Dutch Natural Campsites Open Camping Season With Special Focus on Cyclists

By Stichting Natuurkampeerterreinen, PRNE
Wednesday, April 13, 2011

NIEUWEGEIN, Netherlands, April 14, 2011 - In early April, the Natural Campsites in the Netherlands celebrated the
official opening of the 2011 camping season. The key areas of focus this year
are sustainability and bicycle camping.

The Netherlands is home to a total of 140 approved Natural Campsites, all
of which are located in or in the vicinity of beautiful nature reserves and
spacious areas, offering guests tranquillity and peace. Although the sites do
not provide typical facilities such as swimming pools, cafeterias and
entertainment teams, they do feature good sanitary facilities. The Natural
Campsites attract people looking to experience nature and camping for its own
sake. While several sites allow only tents, most others also welcome caravans
and campers.

The plans for the upcoming camping season were disclosed at the festive
opening on the De Hondsrug Natural Campsite in Noordlaren in the Province of
Groningen. Sustainable business, which has been a priority for the Natural
Campsites for many years, will remain a prime focus in the coming year, which
is in line with the trend of sustainability increasingly becoming a key
factor in holidaymakers' choice of accommodation.

With a nod to the sustainability aspect, the year 2011 will be devoted to
bicycle camping on the Natural Campsites. By highlighting this form of
camping throughout 2011, the foundation aims to encourage more people in the
and abroad to go on cycling holidays, one of the most sustainable
travel options around. The Natural Campsites have the added benefit of
suiting the needs of most people going on bicycle holidays. In addition to
being located in beautiful biking areas, the sites are quiet at night, and
transients are almost always guaranteed a space up to 7 p.m. This adventurous
form of camping suits cyclists' active lifestyles.

Throughout the year, cyclists will be involved in the Natural Campsites
in a variety of ways, and vice versa. The Natural Campsites will become even
more bicycle-friendly, providing campers with amenities such as bicycle
pumps, tyre repair kits, and charging stations for e-bikes. Thanks to the
partnership between Stichting Natuurkampeerterreinen and the Dutch National
Cycling Platform, cyclists can easily plan a route between the Natural
Campsites across one of the long-distance routes in the Netherlands (see
www.fietsplatform.nl/english for more information).

To access the Natural Campsites, campers must be in possession of the
Natuurkampeerkaart (Natural Camping Pass). By signing this pass, campers
certify that they will respect the natural environment and peace at the
Natural Campsites. The Natuurkampeerkaart is included in Het Groene Boekje, a
camping guide that includes listings and descriptions of all Natural
Campsites in the Netherlands (Dutch-language publication). The pass and the
guide are available on www.natuurkampeerterreinen.nl (also in

Note to the Editor: For more information and/or photos, please contact: Anoek van der Leest, Stichting Natuurkampeerterreinen, e-mail: info at natuurkampeerterreinen.nl, tel.: +31(30)603-3701

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