New Start-up Brand Regard Seeks to Become the of Marketing

By Transmit, PRNE
Wednesday, April 13, 2011

LONDON, April 14, 2011 - Geir Freysson wasn't even born when his grandfather, then prime minister
of Iceland, started a cod war with the British. Geir however, CEO and
co-founder of Transmit, which owns Brand Regard (, comes in peace. "We want to sell
software, not cod - or god forbid, banking."

Geir continues: "Brand Regard is entering a market that is ripe for
disruption: Enterprise digital asset management. The current key players are
either global giants like SAP, SAS and Oracle or vendors that sell expensive,
highly customized solutions tailored to specific clients. This is exactly
what the customer relationship management market looked like before came along. There's a gap for a more cost-effective, off the
shelf, Software as a Service offering."

Brand Regard's mission is to become the nerve centre for the world's
marketing departments. With Brand Regard, finding any file that relates to
branding and marketing becomes as easy as finding a book on
Distributing these files also becomes easier with multi level access control
for in-house use and temporary secret URLs for sharing outside an
organization. Companies no longer have to spend a fortune to provide their
creative and marketing departments with an enterprise strength brand asset
management system.

Whether its through efforts like StartUp Britain here in the UK or
regional VC funds like Iceland's New Business Venture fund, which invested in
Brand Regard's first round of funding last December, European economies need
to innovate and diversify in order to stay competitive. Financial services or
natural resources, like cod, can only get you so far.

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About Transmit:

Transmit is an Icelandic software company, founded in 2009. The company's
product, Brand Regard, placed second in Iceland's premier business idea
competition The Golden Egg in 2010. Transmit secured a series A round of
funding in December 2010 from Iceland's New Business Venture fund and is
recognized as an innovator by Iceland's biggest research fund Rannis the
Icelandic Centre for Research.

    Press contact, United Kingdom:

    Geir Freysson
    tel: +44-7732-531167
    skype: geir.freysson

    Press contact, Iceland:

    Agnar Sigmarsson
    tel: +354-867-9710
    skype: agnar.sigmarsson


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