Dutch Winemaker Sings for his Grapes

By Chateau De La Garde Bv, PRNE
Wednesday, May 25, 2011

AMERSFOORT, The Netherlands, May 26, 2011 -

Talking to your plants helps them to grow. However, according to Dutch
winemaker residing in France Ilja Gort, singing to plants doesn't only help
them grow, it makes them happy too. This is why this years' 'Vendanges
Vertes', the summer-harvest during which excess grapes are removed from the
vines, will be carried out by special singing pickers. Gort, who shocked the
world 2 years ago by insuring his famous winesniffers nose for 5 million
, is convinced that his wine will be of higher quality as a result of

Gort: "If we sing while picking, the grapes won't notice that their
branches are being pruned. In this way we minimize stress for the plant and
as a result the wine will taste smoother and deliciously sweet."

"The better we sing, the more tasty the wine will be. And what is more,
people enjoy singing together too. A guaranteed win-win situation! And so we
are organizing a "Château Sing-along", this summer at our wine castle in

Gort is one of the most successful winemakers in France. His wines are
winning gold medals every year and he has written several books about his
French adventures. To make his Château Sing-along endeavour a success he goes
to exceptional lengths: choir conductor Edwin Schimsheimer and his Steinway
grand piano are being flown in from Amsterdam, there will be a recording
unit, a lighting plan and a star-chef to look after the picking crew with
enticing dinners.

In collaboration with Schimscheimer Gort, who in a previous lifetime
worked as a composer, has written a number of 'wine chansons', especially for
the occasion. On the final night of the harvest week, grape pickers-choir
"Les Voix du Vin", as Gort has named his choir, will put on a performance for
the entire village of Saint-Romain-La-Virvée, including the mayor and the
'Garde champêtre', the village policeman at Gort's wine castle, Château la
Tulipe de la Garde.

"We are looking for people who can sing and who love sharing this with
others. By no means do you have to be a professional singer and you don't
need to be able to read music. Auditions are held through YouTube, and we
welcome everyone who loves singing, working and wine."

The Château Sing-along will take place from 10-16 July
in Saint-Romain-La-Virvée, France. Website: www.slurp.nu

Information: Ilja Gort +31-6-308-53-622, ilja at tulipe.nl

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