New Nordic Food Channel Starts Broadcasting in Cable Next Fall

By Nordic Food Channel Oy, PRNE
Wednesday, May 25, 2011

HELSINKI, May 26, 2011 -

- The new Food Channel Focuses on Local and Healthy Food

A new food channel starts broadcasting in the cable network this fall.
Nordic Food Channel focuses on Scandinavian food, cooking and healthy Nordic

The people behind the new channel have a strong background in food TV
productions. The CEO of the company is Hungarian TV producer and entrepreneur
Pal Milkovics and the company's creative director Sami Garam is a well-known
Finnish TV chef.

- We get feedback from people all the time. They want to do better, more
local and healthier food. That's why we decided to build this channel, says
Sami Garam.

Nordic Food Channel embraces additive-free, pure and ecological
ingredients in making food. Its aim is to help people know local and seasonal
food better and make healthy and tasty choices in their daily life. The
themes of the food shows are social and family related.

- Cooking together is important. Even a Michelin star chef cooks with the
family at home, Sami Garam laughs.

The channel's programs are a mix of studio shows, cooking outdoors, food
traveling and talk shows. The cuisines will vary from home cookings to
gourmet food. Most of the channel content is Nordic production with local

- At the moment we are setting up our offices, lining up partnerships and
finding new colleagues. We are really excited about this and hope to get a
good team of enthusiastic people to make it happen, says the CEO of the
company, Pal Milkovics.

The channel starts broadcasting in cable in Finland on September and
later this year in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Pal Milkovics is the CEO of Nordic Food Channel Ltd. He has previously
worked for Hungarian TV channels as a host, has produced several hundreds of
hours of documentary and has been an editor in chief in two European TV
channels. Picture:

Sami Garam is the creative director and member of the board of Nordic
Food Channel Ltd. He is a well-known Finnish chef and dialect specialist,
famous for his own TV series, columns and other media appearances. Picture:

Nordic Food Channel Ltd. is a Helsinki-based media company which operates
in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. It is owned by the management and an
investor group. Logo:

For further information, please contact:

Sami Garam, +358-50-522-3689,

Pal Milkovics, +358-40-526-2096,


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