DYMO/Mimio Interactive Teaching Technologies Debuts Award-Winning MimioClassroom(TM) Product Suite in Europe, Middle East and Africa

By Dymomimio Itt, PRNE
Tuesday, January 11, 2011

BETT 2011 to Mark Major Launch of DYMO/Mimio ITT's Innovative Teaching Technologies with Interactive Demos and Educational Seminars

LONDON, January 12, 2011 - DYMO/Mimio Interactive Teaching Technologies (ITT), a leading provider of
interactive teaching technologies for educators, will unveil its newest
product line, MimioClassroom(TM), at the 2011 BETT tradeshow in London,
January 12 - 15. DYMO/Mimio ITT will offer teachers hands-on product
demonstrations as well as educational seminars at the DYMO/Mimio ITT booth,
C76 in the Grand Hall.

The MimioClassroom solution helps educators teach creatively and gives
students even more opportunities to interact during their lessons, with a
suite of easy-to-use, teacher-friendly interactive whiteboard devices,
student assessment systems, document cameras, accessories, free lesson
content and software that seamlessly work together or on their own. Tailored
specifically to the needs of educators, the new MimioClassroom system offers
an integrated and easy-to-use assortment of interactive teaching tools and
services, purpose-designed to enable teachers to do what they do best: simply

"We are excited to launch the new MimioClassroom suite at BETT," says
Laurence Huntley, general manager, DYMO/Mimio ITT. "The MimioClassroom
solution embodies our mission of giving teachers products, software and
content that are profoundly easy to use, offer meaningful benefits to the
classroom and help teachers actively engage their students in the learning

During the show, attendees will experience DYMO/Mimio ITT's innovative
and award-winning products and learn how the system can transform a
conventional classroom into an engaging learning environment. The four-day
show will include two educational seminars focused on the role of content in
interactive teaching technologies, led by Dr. Karen Mahon, DYMO/Mimio ITT's
content strategy expert. Sessions will take place Thursday, Jan. 13 at 14.30h
and Friday, Jan. 14 at 14.30h in the Training and Development Zone.

The recently-expanded MimioClassroom family of easy-to-learn and
easy-to-use tools includes:

    -- MimioTeach(TM) System - The heart of the MimioClassroom suite, the
       MimioTeach system transforms any dry-erase whiteboard into a
       fully-interactive whiteboard. Rechargeable, wireless and not much
       bigger than a ruler, the MimioTeach system is the company's most
       advanced, next generation interactive whiteboard solution that
       instantly turns any dry erase whiteboard into an interactive
       whiteboard. Featuring an elegant two button design and proprietary
       technology, the MimioTeach system automatically pairs with the
       MimioHub wireless receiver.

The system's integral, newly designed and teacher-tailored
MimioStudio(TM) software allows teachers to have an interactive teaching
environment in a moment's notice.

    -- MimioVote(TM) Student Assessment System - Inspired by teachers and
       students, the MimioVote system is one of the easiest and most accurate
       ways for teachers to assess student comprehension. The rechargeable
       and wireless MimioVote system provides real-time assessment and
       immediate feedback with flexible options to create both customized and
       standardized assessments. The MimioVote system can use supplied
       question templates, create custom tests using Microsoft PowerPoint,
       import prepared assessments or use publishers' question banks. The
       MimioVote system handheld devices use a DYMO/Mimio exclusive
       illuminated response feature that lights only the buttons that a
       question requires, reducing confusion and increasing reporting
       accuracy. Unlike conventional assessment systems, the MimioVote
       devices are intelligent enough to automatically renumber themselves
       when returned to the tray, saving teachers and students valuable class
       time. The MimioVote system is ready to go out of the box as it is
       instantly on when powered and automatically pairs with the MimioHub
       wireless receiver.

    -- MimioCapture(TM) Ink Recording System - Considered best-in-class, the
       rechargeable MimioCapture system allows real-time capture of dry erase
       whiteboard notes and drawings. Handwritten notes can be instantly
       transformed into text-based fonts, so students can pay attention to
       the subject matter on the board instead of taking notes. Teachers can
       also share notes with students and parents or even incorporate them
       into later lessons.

    -- MimioPad(TM) Wireless Tablet - Slim and light, the MimioPad product is
       a wireless tablet that allows teachers and students to collaborate and
       interact with a MimioTeach-enabled whiteboard from up to 30 feet away.
       The rechargeable MimioPad tablet features 16 shortcut keys for ready
       access to the most popular MimioStudio software features and requires
       no special training for the user.

    -- MimioView(TM) Document Camera - The model of simplicity, the MimioView
       product is one of the most integrated and easy-to-use document
       cameras available on the market. MimioView technology and MimioStudio
       software offer useful editing and storage features such as copy, cut,
       freeze, highlight, rotate, save and live video markup and the ability
       to drop images and video into lessons and tests. Roughly the size of a
       tissue box, the MimioView document camera uses a single mini USB cable
       for power and data and has one-button activation, autofocus and
       lighting correction. The MimioView camera easily integrates with the
       MimioTeach and MimioVote systems through the universal MimioStudio

    -- MimioStudio(TM) 7 Software - Running on Windows, Mac and Linux
       operating systems, available in 26 languages and capable of importing
       other interactive whiteboard manufacturer files, the new MimioStudio 7
       Software is a model of flexibility and ease-of-use. MimioStudio
       software can capture, create and present engaging classroom content
       with images, multimedia files and more that can be integrated into
       lesson plans. MimioStudio software may also import other conventional
       interactive whiteboard manufacturer files. An easy-to-use Mimio
       Gallery provides teachers fast access to ready-to-use lesson plans,
       images, objects and content. Object cloning and alignment save
       valuable time. MimioStudio software features drag-and-drop convenience
       for Flash, audio and video files and is compatible with Microsoft
       PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat, as well as other popular software

For more information on DYMO/Mimio ITT, please visit
www.mimio.dymo.com; you may also follow DYMO/ Mimio ITT on Twitter
@MimioTechnology and via Facebook. Download lesson plans and connect with
other educators at www.mimioconnect.com.

DYMO/Mimio ITT was named Scholastic Administrator's "Best in Tech 2009 &
2010," one of District Administration's "Top 100 products of 2010,"
Scholastic Instructor's Teacher's Pick "Best of 2009," and the 2009 ECOO
Vendor Excellence Award winner in both "Best Education Solution" and "Best
Technology Product."

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