Logicalis Publishes Public Sector Network Delivery Framework to Help Accelerate 20-40% Cost Savings and Public Service Transformation

By Logicalis Uk, PRNE
Monday, January 10, 2011

Open Source Framework Provides Fast Start Programme and Advocates PSN as Marketplace for ICT Service Users and Service Providers

SLOUGH, England, January 11, 2011 - International solutions provider, Logicalis (www.uk.logicalis.com/
), today published its Public Sector Network (PSN) Delivery Framework,
bringing its unique experience in delivering large scale PSN projects into
the public domain and helping public sector organisations to accelerate
shared service communications projects, the critical first steps for
frontline service and back office ICT consolidation.

Logicalis' PSN Delivery Framework (
provides substantial detail on the key elements of
a successful PSN, from project inception to ongoing service delivery and
operations, and highlights the necessary stages and key stakeholders required
to make these complex, but now critical, shared communications services

"In publishing this document, Logicalis has taken the bold step of
releasing substantial intellectual property around PSN into the open market,"
commented Tom Kelly, MD of Logicalis UK.

"As we move into 2011, it is vital that the public sector and ICT
partners engage differently. Logicalis' openness is in the spirit of true
partnership with the UK public sector and I believe that bringing our
experience into the public domain will help those organisations in the early
stages of initiating a PSN programme move forward more quickly and
confidently. We can enable Local Authorities, Police services, health
providers, and educators to spend together and save together, and help
preserve funding in frontline services by transforming and reducing the cost
and complexity of the back office."

Logicalis believes there are six critical PSN programme challenges for
public sector stakeholders and service providers;

    - Governance - creating and maintaining security and trust between all

    - Goal Architectures - a solution fit for today that encourages not
      inhibits future change

    - Collaborative Procurement and Funding - buying and saving together at
      best value

    - Transition and Deployment - leveraging existing investments in diverse

    - Service Management and Reporting - collective improvement of services

    - People, Politics, and Policy - stakeholder engagement and project

Logicalis' PSN Delivery Framework provides a comprehensive overview to
achieving a successful, operational PSN programme, and is as relevant to a
Chief Executive as it is to a Chief Information Officer.

"In this new era of public sector, where disparate and historically
disconnected organisations will dynamically come together around shared
service delivery, PSN is a fundamental platform," said Chris Gabriel,
Director of Solutions and Marketing at Logicalis UK.

"But, although 20-40% savings can be realised through connectivity
consolidation, PSN isn't merely about cutting communications costs. PSN will
allow Chief Executives or politicians to make policy decisions about service
change or dramatic consolidation with an understanding that their
organisations can work together on the frontline or in the back office.
Consolidating frontline services or data centres is not a trivial exercise,
but without a PSN it is nearly impossible to achieve at all, and certainly
not at the speed and the scale required under the current economic
conditions. PSN is a successful, flagship project to emerge from the Cabinet
Office, and we intend to educate and encourage colleagues working in the
public sector by spreading our knowledge as widely as possible."

A core principle of Logicalis' PSN framework is to advocate a new
approach, urging government to think of PSN as a marketplace for ICT service
users and service providers, creating new eco-systems of partnership, and
dramatically altering the public sector ICT landscape. PSN will cut
communication costs, and act as a multiplication agent for savings elsewhere;
from data centre consolidation, use of open source software, through to
aggregation of local and regional ICT demand.

Logicalis' PSN Delivery Framework is freely available for download here
or from

To accompany its PSN Delivery Framework, Logicalis will be running a
series of open door workshops across the UK from February 2011.

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